Case Study on Workers Participation in Management


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This slides depicts a case about an employee who gets emotionally distressed due to the non recognition of his idea in the Company

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    The Aristocrat Baggage company’s suggestion scheme committee is meeting .They are listening to a report by the secretary on the discussion that had taken place when he had been invited to attend the company’s joint consultative meeting. One of the worker’s representatives had brought up the case of the operator Raman who 3 years before had put in an idea regarding the dispatch procedure which had turned down the suggestion .Two years later a new dispatch manager had been appointed. Apparently a year after his appointment he introduced what virtually amounted to the exact idea suggested by Mr. Raman. Mr. Raman was furious when he heard about this and complained to the union leaders. He stated that his idea has been stolen and that he will never give any new ideas under the suggestion scheme again. “it is a ramp “ he announced .some of his workmates agreed with him. At the joint consultative meeting, the secretary had somewhat tough passage during the heated discussion, subsequently; he had talked the matter over with the new dispatch manager who had quite clearly not heard of Raman’s idea. In any case the situation is different now. Raman's idea could not have been workable at that time. The suggestion scheme committee discussed the matter but failed to take any discussion in this case
    1.What is the problem of this case?
    2.Should it be mandatory for the suggestion committee to give reasons if it turns down any suggestion by the worker?
    3.How would you deal with the present situation? What steps would you take to avoid the recurrence of such a problem in future?
    4.How would you encourage the workers participate in the suggestion scheme?
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Case Study on Workers Participation in Management

  1. 1. Case Study on Aristocrat Presented By JOSTIN NETHAN.P
  2. 2. The Case study, mentions about the Workers participation in Management and how a consultative input provided by a Worker was ignored and how it the action landed to a dispute situation later. Introduction to Case
  3. 3. WORKERS PARTICIPATION EXPLAINED.. Workers’ participation in management means giving scope for workers to influence the managerial decision-making process at different levels in the organization WPM
  4. 4. 1) Mutual understanding. 2) Increase in production. 3) Eliminating industrial disputes. 4) Increase efficiency of workers. 5) No outside intervention. 6) Industrial democracy. 7) No resistance of change. 8)Creativity of employees can be spotted out. Why WPM
  5. 5. The Aristocrat Baggage Company was suggested a consultative input regarding an Innovation on the Dispatch Procedure provided by an Operator Mr. Raman. The suggestion was initially ignored. Case explained
  6. 6. Two years after the incident, the Company appointed a New Dispatch Manager. A year later, the Newly appointed gave a formal introduction to a New Dispatch Procedure and it was virtually similar to the idea provided by Mr. Raman almost three years back. The Company accepted the idea provided by the Manager and this lead to an emotional distress in the mind of Mr.Raman
  7. 7. Questionnaire
  8. 8. • Even though the Company has a worker participation in the decision making procedure, the Operator’s innovative idea was not taken into consideration and later the New dispatch Manager’s Idea was welcomed and implemented. • The Emotional distress due to the non recognition of the operators idea, on time lead to the dispute situation. Q1. What is the problem of this case
  9. 9. • Yes, Being highly involved in the industrial operations, the work men will be much familiar to the functional areas of manufacturing process. • Any suggestions put forward by the workmen should be considered on a priority basis and evaluated. • The inputs from the Workmen should be escalated to the Management through proper channels and should be evaluated through various dimensions. Q2. Should it be mandatory for the suggestion committee to give reasons if it turns down any suggestion by the worker?
  10. 10. For instance, if a Workman puts forward an idea, the Management should assess the ideas on the various parameters like 1. 2. Technical Feasibility Financial Analysis Etc.. The possible outcome should be studied and then the idea can be screened. The review on the analysis procedure and should be publicized and the reason for the approval or rejection of the idea should be stated. Q2. Should it be mandatory for the suggestion committee to give reasons if it turns down any suggestion by the worker?
  11. 11. • A 3 Member team constituting of a Production Manager, Plant Manager and a Member from Works committee shall be deployed. • The Team shall check the plant condition by Primary Data evaluation on o Plant layout o Dispatch mechanism o Output levels which existed 3 years before Q3. How would would you deal with the present situation?
  12. 12. • Using this report the feasibility of the Mr.Raman’s idea should be simulated and evaluate its applicability. • The Same team should check the feasibility of the idea with the current environment and the compliance advantage should be compared to the pre-existing condition should be checked • Finally a report should be made up with a comparative analysis of the idea implementation should be framed. Q3. How would would you deal with the present situation
  13. 13. A report file should be used to document the new idea generations from the Workmen. The file should be updated with the • • • Technical feasibility reports Evaluation procedure Reason for acceptance and rejection with proper authorization from part of the management. The Report file clearly labeled on the Workman’s name should be clearly documented in the technical library in date chronological order. Q3. What step you take to avoid recurrence of such a problem in future
  14. 14. This would reduce the chances for the disputes among Employees regarding the duplication of ideas. • Timely audit should be conducted by the Management team • Q3. What step you take to avoid recurrence of such a problem in future
  15. 15. Idea Boxes shall be implemented in the plant area The suitable ideas, shall be selected and sent for evaluation procedure under the report format. The Workmen whose ideas are selected for implementation will be suitably rewarded These are parameters which can help them in getting additional perks Q4. How would you encourage the workers participate in the suggestions scheme
  16. 16. Thank you