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How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Clients?


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Slides by Agnieszka Amborska, Leader PM at @netguru from a Meet-Up at Aula Polska.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Clients?

  1. 1. Agnieszka Amborska Our client, our partner how to build a healthy relationship with your clients
  3. 3. • What did we want to achieve? • What did we do well? • What could have been done better? • What should we do in the future to avoid the failure? • More at Does failure always mean we failed? AAR/After-Action Review
  5. 5. Q: Kate will try to finish this feature today BTL: Kate is not very experienced and we are not sure if she can make it. I: Kate will focus on this feature today BTL: Kate is smart and by focusing she can deliver most value. Communication
  6. 6. Q: Maybe we could move from Jira to Pivotal… BTL: We don’t really know but maybe it’ll help. I: We recommend to move the project from Jira to Pivotal as this will improve… BTL: We have experience with both and found Pivotal to be better because… You need to trust our judgment. Communication
  7. 7. Q: Is it enough if Kate joins the meeting, or should John join as well? BTL: You are “the boss” and you know best how to manage this project. I: We recommend that Kate joins this meeting. We can skip John & Mark as they are involved in other part of the project. Let me know if that suits you guys. BTL: We are a professional consulting company that has PM skills and experience in thing like that. Communication
  8. 8. Q: Would it be possible to grant root access for John? BTL: Can you trust us? We’ll be good. I: We recommend that John has direct root access. This is important because… BTL: We know what we are doing. Communication
  9. 9. Q: Can we talk today about this issue? Will you find some time today? BTL: You are busy and important. I don’t mind waiting - whatever works for you. I: We’d like to go through issue. Can we schedule a call for 3pm CET today? BTL: We have important issues that we need to discuss. Please make time for us. Communication
  10. 10. Q: I'd like to inform you, that I found out from our operation manager, that the travel costs are added to the client's invoice. BTL: I’m kind of new here and this is the first time I’m doing this, someone told me to do something so I need to do this. I: As per our contract the travel expenses are added to the invoice. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this. BTL: It’s something we do often, we know how to professionally manage this and you are responsible for the costs. Communication
  11. 11. Q: Sorry we weren't able to work on it yesterday - John had some hardware issues. BTL: He is not very smart and can’t work “hardware” very well. I: Due to hardware issues John was not able to work on this problem yesterday. BTL: Those were very hard issues but he managed to fix them in one day only ;) Communication
  12. 12. [after a call missed by a client] Q: sorry I have other calls and tbh I am quite busy today BTL: I’m pissed and you are less important that my other tasks today. It’s your fault. I: Unfortunately I have other commitments till the end of the day. Can we please have a call tomorrow morning (Tue, 9am CET)? BTL: I’m upset & busy, but you are an important client so I want to make this work. Communication
  14. 14. Thank you! Agnieszka Amborska