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Week13 ppt

  1. Digital Research Week 13
  2. Bit of a blurry concept • Digital tools for helping with data collection, analysis, and presentation (e.g., surveymonkey, AtlasTI, infographics) • Research conducted entirely online • Research partially conducted online • Research focusing on mobile communications and network access etc. • Research that is “technology” focused (e.g., tablet use, Smartboard use) • Old research in digital disguise (especially in education)
  3. Potential issues • “Hit & Run/Drive-by” research • Anonymity • Demographics • Ethics • Learning assumed to occur simply because digital tech is present • Problem of needing-to-research-something studies • Problem of convenience driving the study
  4. Everything has meaning Segment D (from Tanaka Nanako’s author notes) L13 Thank you all who reviewed this story, L14 and this chapter is dedicated to Sakura Blossomz01, wild-gurl, Sweet^-^Rose, DZ pals, Fire Light and Lily-Chan. L15 Thank you for adding me to your favorite author list! ^//.//^ L16 THANKS FOR THE GREAT SUPPORT YOU ARE GIVING ME! ^________^ L17 *Hugs her reviewers* Segment E L18 By the way, please pay close attentions to the e-mails in this chapter, L19 because they are some really important clues. Source: Black (2008). Adolescents and Online Fiction. New York: Peter Lang.
  5. Digital Research & Research Design • Established research designs and approaches don’t necessarily transfer well • Drawing boundaries around cases can be tricky • New social practices that haven’t been studied before (e.g., “friending,” “tagging”) • Multiple terms for fairly similar things but still tricky to talk about across fields
  6. An example
  7. I’m an average student, Cs, Bs and a couple of Ds in Statistics and Economics (tricky stuff >w<).
  8. More things to consider • Anonymity and traceability (and the desire for visibility) • Privacy issues • Timing of data collection • How to present multimedia and hyperlinked practices in the flat plane of academic writing • What your study contributes (to); i.e., larger ideological positions
  9. Let’s take a look…. •CamStudio •Endnote •Evernote •Webcopier
  10. There’s an app for that! • review-of-mobile-apps-for-qualitative- research •
  11. Practical Resources • Hahn (2008). Doing qualitative research using your computer: A practical guide. Sage. • Boellstorf et al. (2012). Ethnography and virtual worlds: A handbook of method. Princeton Uni. Press. • Markham & Baym (2008). Internet inquiry: Conversations about method. Sage.