What Exactly Is Residual Income?


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What Exactly Is Residual Income?

  1. 1. What Exactly Is Residual Income?And why is itimportant toyour financialfuture.
  2. 2. Residual income is compensation you receivefor work you only performed once, but getpaid on repeatedly.
  3. 3. Michael Jackson’s estate is a great example ofresidual income.Earned over $200million in 2012even though hehas beendeceased forseveral years.
  4. 4. Fortunately ; you don’t have to be deceased or afamous pop star to earn residual income.
  5. 5. The Two Sources Of Income Linear Income – trading  Residual/Passive Income your time and expertise – your investments make for money. you money. Job/ Employee  Rental Property  Doctors  Stocks/Bonds/CDs  IT Professionals  Business Investments  Plumbers  Royalties  LOWEST INCOME TAX  Lawyers RATES  Auto Mechanics  HIGHEST INCOME TAX RATES
  6. 6. Why Do You Need Residual Income? Residual income does not depend on you trading your time for dollars thus allowing you to do other things with your time. Having a sole source of income from a job/employment is risky because you don’t own the job. A job can be taken away as millions of Americans have experienced over the past few years. Wealth and financial independence is built through passive income. Passive income sources typically enjoy lower income tax rates.
  7. 7. So, How Can You Develop Residual Income?Of course, there  Do you know anyone that usesare several ways; electricity and gas? Cellhowever, I found phone? Internet?that getting paid  How about cable and satelliteon essential tv?services that  I think you get my point.everyone uses isthe best way toearn residualincome.
  8. 8. If we could show you how to develop a $2000.00 permonth residual income in the next year, would that make adifference in your life?How much moneywould you have tohave invested toearn $2000.00 permonth at 5%interest?$400,000!!!If you can save thatmuch in the next year,this opportunity isprobably not for you.
  9. 9. Get Paid onEssential servicespeople useeveryday.5Linx has appeared onthe Inc 500 list of thefastest growing privatecompanies in NorthAmerica for 6consecutive years.Founded in 2001, 5Linxsfocus has been in VoIPand essential consumerservices. 5Linx hasexperienced greaterthan 800% growth ratefor the last fourconsecutive years.
  10. 10. The winds of life blow on each of us without favor. Sometimes thereare headwinds we have to struggle through and other times thewinds are at our backs - propelling us forward.Regardless of how the wind is blowing it is how you set your sailthat determines your progress. Come join our team to set your sailto prosperity.