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4 Marketing Automation Success Stories


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Explore Netcore Solutions' 4 Marketing Automation Success Stories of leading Indian brands from various industry sectors. Visit -

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4 Marketing Automation Success Stories

  1. 1. A leading Insurance Player, HDFC Life is a long-term life insurance provider offering individual and group insurance. HDFC Life uses Propensity Analytics model to analyse data and predict what customers would buy, even before the customers know themselves. But, the biggest challenge was to run this model and effectively engage a widevarietyofpeopleacross digitalchannels. Yet another challenge faced by the brand, was non- availability of all data-points (email id, mobile no. etc.) ofthecustomerstodeliverrelevantcommunication. Our client recognised the need for a solution to help them develop their cross-channel communication and lifecycle marketing programs. They chose Netcore Smartech as theirengagementmarketingplatform. Predictive Tool Netcore Smartech Multi-channel Targetting Demand Generation Lead Scoring Lead Nurturing 01 The challenge of inadequate database was handled by designing an automation workflow in a manner where eachcontactscouldbereached. Database with only mobile number SMS Missed Call Voice Database with only mobile number and email address SMS Missed Call VoiceEmail from their predictive tool, define rule-based actions on Netcore Smartech, and deliver messaging across multiple channels. Netcore’s Marketing Technology Experts got into action and designed a robust Marketing Automation Program, where the team at HDFC Life could insert insights HDFC Life, a Leading Insurance Player, Increased Customer Lifetime Value up to 20% through Cross-Channel Marketing
  2. 2. A workflow module for the category “Retirement Plan” Netcore's Marketing Technology Experts built 11-day workflow with 7 different modules for 7 product categories, to delivercommunicationacross4Channels(Email, SMS,Voice, MissedCall). Check for category Send email on next product customer likely to busy Send OBD Call based on predicted Category END Contact exists in the list 1. Savings & investments 2. Protection Plan - Unmarried 3. Protection Plan – Married 4. Annuity plan 5. Child plan 6. Retirement plan 7. Health plan People who purchased Retirement plan are likely to buy Protection plan - Married 1. Click on video link 2. Missed call given 3. Goes to landing page to fill form 4. Fills form Send SMS of predicted category product with CTA Link Rank Lead Score = 4 END Assign Lead scoring 1. Click on video link 2. Missed call given 3. Goes to landing page to fill form 4. Fills form Check if Contact has email id Check email opened Assign Lead scoring Check if OBD call duration > 15 secs + key press RESULTS With Netcore Smartech, the client was able to execute this complex and dynamic cross-channel automated engagement program, which helped them drastically reduce manual intervention, producing significant results: Increase in email open rates through relevant targeting49% high quality, sales ready leads of the leads captured through the campaign70% jump in leads through cross-channel campaigns30% UP TO increase in Customer Lifetime Value through relevant targeting and personalised recommendation20% UP TO 02 Check if Contact has mobile # 10 days 1day Check if SMS Link clicked
  3. 3. Ferns and Petals, World's Leading Flower Retailer, Stimulated Daily Purchases by 152% from Transaction Data Ferns N Petals Ferns N Petals (FNP) is India's largest florist chain and oneofthelargestflowerretailersintheworld. As one of India's top florists and gifting brands who ensures quick delivery of an array of flower bouquets and gifts, FNP desired to capitalise their existing transacted dataset to increase everyday day conversions on their website– But the brand was: • Unable to systematically leverage historic events in the database to target the customers with personalised communication and drive daily orders • Lacking a process of developing planned campaigns. So, most of their campaigns were executed impromptu HI ABC • Utilising massive manhours who underwent strenuous tasks to execute these unplanned, non- 03 Netcore's Marketing Technology Experts studied that major purchases on happened either for occasions like marriages and conferences or for historic events like birthdays, anniversaries and more, on regular days. Which means, had the past transacteddataofmostofthecustomers. So, the Marketing Technology experts systematically leveraged this data and designed an engagement strategy with a series of emails. These emails were planned to be sent as reminders in intervals before the occasion. An automation workflow was built constituting thisseriesofengagement emailsforFNP'scustomers.
  4. 4. END END END Emailer 1 SUBJECT : It's time to surprise [RECIVERNAME] again! -15 DAYS Emailer 2 SUBJECT : Hi [BILLERNAME], You just have 4 Days to surprise [RECIVERNAME]! -4 DAYS SUBJECT : It's time to surprise [RECIVERNAME] again! -2 DAYS Emailer 3 With streamlined and automated campaigns was eventually successful in driving maximum daily purchases. Personalised communication spiked daily orders from average 85 to 250 FNP team could now focus on delivering better customer experiences while saving precious human hours On some days of the week the orders also went as high as 374 Hi! ABC 194% Your Gift Reminder Is Here! Our gifts still prosmise you the same pleasant moments. This year too, you can take the opportunity to make lovely memories with your beloved. Go ahead, plan for a super birthday and don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone it slipped from your mind. It’s a little secret! Save 15% Gift Now Your Gift Reminder Is Here! Our gifts still prosmise you the same pleasant moments. This year too, you can take the opportunity to make lovely memories with your beloved. Go ahead, plan for a super birthday and don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone it slipped from your mind. It’s a little secret! Save 15% Gift Now Your Gift Reminder Is Here! Date Of Delivery : [000] 04 Emailer 1 Emailer 2 Emailer 3 15 Days Before Open? 4 Days Before Open? 2 Days Before
  5. 5. A pioneer in the Indian Mutual Fund (MF) Industry, UTI is a leading Mutual Fund company, which remained the sole vehicle for investment in the capital market by the Indian citizens for over two decades following its inception. UTI was aiming at promoting and driving sales of latest NFO (New Fund Offer) by using Email Marketing as a primarymedium ofpromotion. The challenge was to change the mindset and convince maximumaudiencetobuymutualfunds,“online”. Although, our client was certain about using email as a medium to communicate, they wanted a strong Email Marketing Program, that can create buzz and influence purchase decision of the Investors and Distributors. With core understanding of the client's requirement, Netcore's Marketing Technology Experts came up with a robust idea of cross-channel targeting and retargeting, revolving around the objective of using emailasaprimarymediumofcommunication. A Marketing Automation program was designed using Netcore Smartech, based on the activity performed over emails. SMS was used as a second channel of communication to adjunct the campaign. Reminder SMSes were sent to those who did not open the email, along with two reminder emails. The real time reports shared with UTI’s call center, helped in providing the detailed information of the product, maintaining relevancy andcashingonthemoment. 05 UTI Mutual Fund, a Leading Mutual Fund Company, Maximised Online Revenue by 25%, with Cross-Channel Marketing Automation
  6. 6. Our dedicated group of Marketing Technology Experts helped the brand achieve its objective with remarkable outcomes andalsohelpedinelevatingcustomerengagementthroughstrongconsultancyinemails. Systematic multichannel targeting and retargeting approach achieved 162.69% higher response from investors 97.2% from distributorsand (as against sending a single email) Reminder SMS notification to check email, saw a phenomenal above industry open rate of 10.77% from distributors and 5.98% from investors Email promotion contributed to 25% of the total online sales (Source: UTI) Call from UTI Customer Care on NFO Purchases Online Gentle SMS reminder to check email 2nd email (reminder to open) Email about the NFO Gentle SMS reminder to check email Customer now well informed about the product Lead drop Clicks email Clicks email Clicks email Ignores Ignores Ignores 3nd email (drives urgency) Ignores Lead drop Subject line Optimization: Short subject lines were created along with personalisation in the email content. Time Optimization: User behavior was analyzed and emails were sent between 10:00 am - 12:00 pm when the customers were highly active. Netcore's Marketing Technology Experts extended a strong consultation on the communication aspects of the campaign, with tactics to optimize email campaign - content, design and execution of campaign adhering to the industry standards. 2. EASY TO FOLLOW CALL-TO-ACTIONS 1 2 1. BRAND POSITIONING 06
  7. 7. Lemon Tree Hotels 07 Lemon Tree Hotels, a Leading Hotel Chain Brand, Maximised Direct Online Bookings, Saw about 94% Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost Lemon Tree Hotels is one of the fastest growing chain of upscale business and leisure hotels, operating 27 hotels in18citiesacrossIndia. The Hotel industry generally faces a challenge to reduce the enormous amount that goes to mediators as OTA (Over The Air) commission. Similarly, our client was affected because the OTA commission that took away about 15% to 30% of their margins. To tackle the issue, they wanted to increase their direct online bookings by converting the massive 76% of OTA bookings, through a guest loyalty program offering exclusive vouchers which canberedeemedupondirectbookings. The brand sought to develop marketing campaigns aimed at these different booking groups (OTA & Direct bookings), they were in need of a finely targetedcustomerengagement. Analysing the case, Netcore's Marketing Technology Experts logically suggested adoption of Email Marketing Automation to effectively attract and retain more visitors to direct hotel booking. The expert consultancy helped the brand design targeted personalised email communication with optimized content and design that createsfruitful engagement. We proposed the addition of Mobile as an additional channel to send reminders to those who did not redeem thevouchers.
  8. 8. 157.25% Increased Engagement happened over their previous campaigns performed in silos 93.76% Decreased in Cost of Acquisition as compared to the OTA commission Loyalty Discount Voucher Automation Segment Email 1 Check if form filled END Redeemed Voucher Did not redeemed Voucher Reminder SMS with CTA Check if still in segment Redeemed Voucher END Loyalty Discount Voucher Email 1 END Direct BookingOTA Booking 08 Wait for 15 days
  9. 9. About Netcore Smartech Market to the Right Person through the Right Channel at the Right Time Netcore Smartech powers exceptional 1:1 customer experiences Increase in Customer Engagement 2x Reduction in Marketing Efforts 40% Reduction in Cost of Messaging 202x Increase in Customer Lifetime Value 20 Create Unified View of Customer Personalise Content Based On Profile And Context Communicate Through Multiple Channels Analyse Reports And Predicts Recommendations Collect Data At Every Touch Point % % 09
  10. 10. Multi-Channel Campaign Management • Recommendation Engine • Advanced Segmentation • Live & Dynamic Content • Social Media Integration • Inbox Preview • Split A/B Testing • Responsive Email Templates Strategic Consultation by Marketing Technologists • Personalised Handholding • Requirement & Technology Audit • Automation Ideas & Implementation • Campaign Performance Optimisation 24/7 Support • Speedy resolution • Support over email, chat & phone Reports & Analytics • Channel performance • Journey workflow performance • Device tracking • Time-wise reports Automation Platform • Unified View of Customers • Customer journey mapping • Cross-channel Automation • Analytics • Funnel-Analytics • Recommendations Engine Netcore Smartech Messaging Channels • Email • SMS • Voice • Push Notifications • Browser Notifications • Web Messaging • In-app Messaging • Audience Targeting 10 NETCORE SMARTECH, India’s leading cloud-based, full stack Marketing Automation Solution for growth marketing
  11. 11. About Netcore Netcore is India’s leading Marketing Technology Company that offers solutions for enterprises that redefine Digital Marketing & Enterprise Communication. One of the largest MarketingAutomationSolutionProvider in India, Netcore was established in 1998 by Mr. Rajesh Jain, a dotcom billionaire. Netcore’s Digital Marketing suite includes Promotional and Transactional Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Marketing Automation solutions. Netcore’s Enterprise Communication suite includes on premise & on-cloud messaging, archiving solutions. With an industry expertise of over 18+ years, Netcore serves a strong base of 3000+ enterprises across industry vertical, like Godrej, HDFC, Kotak, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, UTI, Facebook, Reliance, Jabong, Vodafone, ITC, OLA, Pfizer, EaseMyTrip, OLX and more. Netcore with its innovative marketing technology delivers 4 Billion Emails a month, creating 6Billion Customer Connects (email/SMS/voice). Netcore is headquartered in Mumbai, India with an international presence and has an employee base of 400+ spread across 9 strategic locations. For more information visit us at
  12. 12. 8 out of 10 Top Securities Firms in India 80% Mutual Fund Companies trust us Top 3 Telecom Companies have connected to millions through our solutions Premier Airlines & Travel Portals Popular E-commerce Online Retails Brands & Classified Portals Also delivering solutions to many other Top Brands Leading Indian Banks & Insurance Firms Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Marketing Technology Company with 18 years of expertise in the industry. Netcore empowers marquee brands with innovative Marketing Automation solutions including promotional campaigns and transactional communications over email, sms and voice for diverse industry verticals listed below: Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 8th Floor, Peninsula Towers, Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai- 400013 | +91 22 6663 2111 | Copyright 2017 @Netcore Solutions. All Rights Reserved.