Drinking with the horses


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by Scott Wilson

Relating to your users is important, even critical. So why does it have to be so difficult? Scott Wilson of Oklahoma State looks at some ways in which OSU is trying to bridge the gap between techies and non-techies.

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Drinking with the horses

  1. 1. Scott WilsonOklahoma State University
  2. 2. Hwa is þet mei þet hors wettrien þe him self nule drinken --Old English Proverb c.1170
  3. 3. [they]have done what they coode, They can but bringe horse to the water brinke,But horse may choose whether that horse will drinke. English play “Narcissus”, 1602
  4. 4. WARNINGSome of the following slides containbuzzwords.Please try not to tune out, heckle or throwthings.I promise there is a reason for using them.
  5. 5. Culture
  6. 6. Culture
  7. 7. Culture
  8. 8. Culture
  9. 9. Culture
  10. 10. CultureCulture = learned behavior
  11. 11. CultureWho cares?
  12. 12. CultureDamned buzzwords.
  13. 13. Culture
  14. 14. Culture Clash
  15. 15. Culture Clash
  16. 16. Culture ClashExtension culture mirrors the rest of our culture with respect to technologyMany of our users are comfortable with tech; perhaps even too comfortableSome of them are very uncomfortable with techSome are downright hostile
  17. 17. Culture ClashExtension culture mirrors the rest of our culture with respect to technologyOur tech people generally like technologySome really like itSome are downright weird about it
  18. 18. Culture ClashFor many of our tech people, training is an afterthoughtSomething to do to try and save workTo try and prevent paperworkTo try and keep down call volumeTo try and keep sanity
  19. 19. Culture ClashWe have led the horses to water
  20. 20. Culture ClashThey are not drinking
  21. 21. Culture Clash Now what?
  22. 22. Culture Resolution
  23. 23. Culture Resolution Poor ChoicesForce IT people into doing trainingDelegate training to another groupIgnore training entirely
  24. 24. Culture ResolutionWe need to develop a better cultureIt must be a shared cultureIt must be a healthy cultureIt must be an Extension culture
  25. 25. Culture ResolutionTraining DaysNew Extension Educators get IT training.IT personnel get county/RS time.IT personnel taught to train.
  26. 26. Culture ResolutionCoherent training materialsTraining system/pathInservice/CE credit for training
  27. 27. Culture Resolution Things to addCertification process for educatorsCertification process for office professionalsMore Extension training for techs
  28. 28. We are not there yet.I would welcome the chance to discuss these ideas (and other ways ofimproving training) with colleagues. Here is how to reach me:Scott Wilsonscott.wilson@okstate.eduTwitter: @ocestss405-744-4414