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Sprinkle Brigade


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The Sprinkle Brigade are a group of three guys from New York, who use their artistic talents to bring people's attention to the problem of dog-poo on the streets, while at the same time bringing a smile to people's faces.

Sprinkle Brigade

  1. 1. Established in 2005, ‘Sprinkle Brigade’ is a group of guys that still live in their parent’s basement. One day, while in the advance ticket sales line for the new ‘Star Wars’ film ‘Revenge of the Sith’, we noticed that somebody stepped in a little doo-doo. Quickly, our good friend ‘The Shepard’ poured his popcorn on top of the smeared pile, to cover up what looked like a crushed Caramello bar. What the Shepard did not realize, is that it was the birth of Sprinkle Brigade. Our mission is to be the solution to the problem, to put a smile on your face, and to meet some ladies in the process. So if you’re out with your pooch and you don’t have anything to pick up its chud baby... just leave it, we got it.