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Netbiscuits is the global leader in software solutions for adaptive mobile web experiences.

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  • Netbiscuits solutions drive the innovation of exciting web experiences. For us this means not only helping our Enterprise customers build and deploy exciting web apps and sites across all devices,but enabling ways for them to follow the user through their multi-device and multi-screen experiences with web content. Our solutions deliver a better user experience to increase user engagement and response; easier, faster and with more scalability than anyone else.
  • Netbiscuits was established in 2000. We’ve continued to see substantial growth, and most recently over 55% YoY growth in 2011 as more enterprise customers seek scalable and secure mobile web solutions in response to their customers shift to web connected mobile devices. Netbiscuits has a comprehensive web ecosystem from strategic alliances, to technology solution providers, to trained developers, allowing us to provide a complete end to end mobile web solution for our customers that meets their individual needs.Netbiscuits is hosting over 110,000 web apps and sites live right now, delivering 10 billion web pages and content items a month, what does that mean? We have more active users than twitter on mobile devices.Netbiscuits solutions have won industry praise by analysts as well as helping our customers win industry awards for best in class mobile web experiences.
  • Our history of innovation has led the market in mobile web development. Now let’s look at the future. Where’s it all going? How’s it going to change? There are 5 key drivers of web development, as we see it, that will continue to reshape where, when, with whom, and how humans interact with web experiences within an ever increasing connected and mobile world... (read out the five categories). Let’s take a close look at each of these trends.The first driver is mobile devices growthCell phones and smart phones have proliferated around the world, connecting people in unimagined ways and bringing millions online who have no other computing device.And now that’s continuing and accelerating with the tablet PC. The iPad was launched in April 2010 and sold 3 million in 80 days. []In 2011, 64 million tablet PCs will be sold. In 2015, that will grow five-fold to 320 million sold that year, to a cumulative 900 million tablets. [Gartner, "iPad and Beyond: The Future of the Tablet Market," September 2, 2011, ID: G00217137]The growth of mobile device demand and the maturing market is forcing leading vendors to innovate ever faster on device type and rich features, driving even greater speed of innovation and further diversification of the market. This makes keeping up with web development requirements ever more complex and costly for Enterprise who need to maximize reach and scale with superior web experiences.The 2nd driver is web accessAs of February 2011, 3G networks have been deployed in more than 165 countries and regions. []3G technologies account for over 5 Billion mobile connections today, approximately 89% of the market. []Today, there are 193 4G networks in service with 39 in the Americas.  According to experts, about 37% of all Android smart phones are now 4G enabled. [ 2015 there will be 4x more mobile devices connect to the web than PCsThe 3rd driver is mobile web usage.As more consumers move to mobile devices as their primary means of connecting to the web, their on line behaviors are shiftingTablets and smartphones increase impulse buys by almost £4 billion per year in the UK alone, according to a new study by Rackspace Hosting, August 2012*The move to multi-device and multi-screen web experiences will come with consumer expectations that content will be continuous and relevant creating even more complex web solution requirementsThe fourth trend is Mobile Application Development Enterprise customers are realizing that mobile first solutions need to be scalable and across many platforms, a single native application is expensive and non scalableIndustry analysts predict that their will be a shift from native app strategies to web apps and sites over the next two yearsThe fifth trend is Cloud PlatformsEnterprise spending on cloud infrastructure and services is growing 4X faster than overall IT spending. []Forrester Research expects the global cloud computing market to reach $241 billion in 2020 compared to $41 billion in 2010. []By next year, according to Gartner, X% of enterprises will adopt a blend of cloud- and premises-based approaches (update with Web data)to meet web development and services needsCompanies will look to web development vendors who have a wide ecosystem and easy integration into their web and data infrastructure both in the cloud and on premiseSourcesComScore, Stateofthe Internet,Q12012Business Insider, Mar. 2012;, Mobile Application Development Strategiesfor 2012-2015, May 2012, William Clark research was carried out by independent research company, Vision Critical, in August 2012 and involved 2,000 UK adults, representative of UK adult population
  • This chart depicts Netbiscuits Cloud Platform Solutions. Netbiscuits Platform offers tools that help to reduce cost, time and risk in developing mobile web applications. The foundation layer of back end web services sits at the bottom of this stack. Our software platform sits in between the foundation layer and the end users mobile device where the Netbiscuits Platform serves as a Proxy for our customers connecting their back end systems to a diversified landscape of mobile device and functionalities.The gold bar represents our rich suite of open APIs. The APIs enable developers and partnersto furtherintegrate customers existing development environments and protocols with the Netbiscuit Cloud Platform, making itmuch easier, faster, secure and scalable to deliver superior web experiences across the widest range of mobile devices, platforms and feature capabilities.At the top you seethe environments in which our customers use our solutions on feature phones, smart phones, tablets and in the future web enabled TVs, cars, and other connected devices.Now, let me draw your attention back to the Netbiscuits Cloud Platform. There are 5 key componentsto the Platform. The components are the foundation of any mobile web development platform. Web Development– software and toolsfor building mobile websites with the latest features and functionality available from frameworks and device manufacturers. The Netbiscuits Platform is adaptive and future proofing, including XML, HTML5, Java, and Css3 pre-pre-programed features and functionality that significantly speed up development for rich features on mobile devices like touch capabilities, responsive design, image converter, etc. Device Optimization and Information – The Netbiscuits Cloud Platfrom deploys web content through our extensive library of thoroughly tested and quality assured device information, identifying and delivering the perfect web experience to the user on any device through content adaptation for deviceHosting – monitored and supported hosting services that deliver unprecedented scalability and stability for web deploymentSecurity– software for testing mobile development in real time behind firewalls and to deliver business critical intranets to mobile devices securely within your own security protocolsWeb Analytics – software that enables leading analytics tools to build Contextual Information through our extensive library of device information driving deeper and richer data from device use
  • Our Netbiscuits Cloud Platform is truly “enterprise-grade,” with unmatched capabilities in high availability, scalability, reliability and security – all required for a cloud architecture.Because Netbiscuits Cloud Platform can securely integrate with on-premises and public cloud web services vendors, it allows for interoperability efficiencies,which is important for the many businesses to scale their networks up and down depending on peak usage times.It is Netbiscuits’ unique Cloud Platform and our ability to natively integrate into other leading web infrastructure vendors that brings new industry leading speed of delivering content to web apps on mobile web while driving down server load and ultimately improving customer response
  • There is an comprehensive ecosystem around Netbiscuits Cloud Platform that delivers the world’s leading end-to-end mobileweb development solutions.  The Netbiscuits Partner Network is an extensive ecosystem of partners that embrace and extend Netbiscuits open solutions. Our partners help build solutions for enterprise in many industry verticals. With the support of a global in-house professional services team, we also engage directly with global brands such as eBay, MTV, CBS, Coca Cola, and others. Here is a chart/graphic with some of these partners.Netbiscuits Partner Network has seven partner segments to better align to partners' and customers' specific needs: Netbiscuits Business Partners and Strategic Alliances - Global industry leaders committed to simplifying and enhancing mobile web development solutions leveraging Netbiscuits Platform with committed go-to-market and joint business plans. (companies that recommend us but don’t sell us, ie Rackspace)Netbiscuits Technology Partners - Independent hardware, software, or vertical market companies committed to teaming with Netbiscuits on natively integrated solutions or go-to-market relationships. These solutions improve the customer experience and create unique value for Netbiscuit solutions. (Companies we have a deep integration offering with,ieAkami)Netbiscuits Developers - Programmatic relationships with over 15,000 developers who have learned and offer our customers value on Adaptive mobile web strategiesNetbiscuits Solution Advisors – Resellers that serve customers from project concept to installation through on-going support and management. (i.e. Agencies or channel partners)Netbiscuits System Integrators - "General contractors" who help design, plan, integrate, and deploy web solutions that meet the business needs of customers. Netbiscuits System Integrators provide value-added total solutions with products and services from several third-party suppliers, including Netbiscuits. NetbiscuitsProfessioinal Services offers a full suite of services, throughout every stage of the web development lifescycle: from (develop, deploy, maintain, andmanage. Need from Duncan)
  • Netbiscuits corporate presentation 2012

    1. 1. Corporate Presentation - 2012 Lucas Challamel ANZ Country ManagerOctober 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 1
    2. 2. Netbiscuits Today The global leader in software solutions for adaptive mobile web experiences October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 2
    3. 3. Netbiscuits at a Glance Financials 40% Growth Y/Y, 2011 Market Impact Supported by an extensive Global Partner Network 15,000 Developers using the platform Hosting over 110,000 web apps and sites Best Mobile Web Publishing Platform Leading Mobile Application Development Platforms 2012 Ranked in Gartner Magic Quadrant Since 2009 Frost & Sullivan European Best Practice Awards 2011 Best Mobile Apps Deployment Platform October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 3
    4. 4. Netbiscuits Software Innovation Timeline October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 4
    5. 5. Trusted by Global Enterprise Customers October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 5
    6. 6. Five Key Trends in Web Development Device Web Web Application Move Proliferation Access Usage Development to Cloud 2014 4x 81% 50% 4x mobile users more mobile browse the of today‘s faster growth will surpass broadband Internet on Native Apps of enterprise desktop users connections smartphones will be Web or spending on globally than via PC by today Hybrid by cloud services 2015 2015 than overall IT PC October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 6
    7. 7. Netbiscuits Web Cloud Platform Professional Services (Netbiscuits & Partner) Netbiscuits Cloud Platform Device Information Development Hosting Security Analytics and Optimization Accessing 10,000+ profiles for Pre-programed features and Monitored and Supported Software that deploys Software that delivers rich more than 8,000 distinct functionality for rich mobile Hosting services to deliver business grade secure web contexual user and device connected devices and their web site and apps based on scalability and stability apps for mobile Intranets and data integrated into world browsers, to deliver XML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript guarantees dev/test environments leading analytics vendors optimized web experiences Developer APIs & IDE Tools Web Back Ends (CRM, Database, ERP, CDN, etc.) October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 7
    8. 8. Netbiscuits Platform – Delivery Options Integrated Cloud Ecosystem Integrated Hybrid Solution Netbiscuits Cloud Platform Netbiscuits Cloud Platform Web Cloud Infrastructure Premise Web Infrastructure CRM, Database, ERP, CDN, etc. (CRM, Database, ERP, CND, etc.) October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 8
    9. 9. Netbiscuits Platform Adaptive Strategy HTML5 Responsive Design Netbiscuits supports Netbiscuits leverages HTML5 and goes Responsive Design in a smart even beyond to way to generate sustainable overcome its current cost and efficiency benefits limitations Open Source Netbiscuits is ready to Multi-Device Web integrate with Open Netbiscuits enables you to Source tools to add succeed in a world of countless value on the top connected touchpoints October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 9
    10. 10. World Leading Partner EcosystemEmbraced and Supported by 100‘s of Partners around the World Business Partners and Strategic Alliances Netbiscuits Professional Technology Services Netbiscuits Partners Cloud System Platform Integrators Developers Solution Advisors October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 10
    11. 11. Why Customers Choose NetbiscuitsNetbiscuits provides the best ecosystem to implement mobile strategies successfully  Ease of use  Best customer mobile web experience  World leading integration into leading web service vendors  Most comprehensive, fully tested and quality assured device library  Speed of development, testing and deployment  Legacy and future technology protection with Adaptive Strategy  Lowest TCO October 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 11
    12. 12. Thank You! Lucas Challamel - ANZ Country Manager T: 04 1014 1795 - E: @netbiscuitsAPACOctober 14, 2012 © Netbiscuits 2012 12