Building web apps for a multiscreen world


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There is 100% chances you are going to engage your customers on mobile first, but converting them into lifetime and faithful promoters is a multi-screen journey. For brands, media and retailers it is then critical to select the most relevant device-agnostic technology and the

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Building web apps for a multiscreen world

  1. 1. Lunch & LearnAustralian sessions 2012 Creating applications for the “multiscreen world”
  2. 2. It’s a mobile world ... ... but it’s a multiscreen journey!
  3. 3. Where has our customer gone? Gone for a walkabout!
  4. 4. He has gone mobile, into the wild With 3 core belongings ...
  5. 5. He has gone mobile, into the wild Mobile will be first in numbers by 2014
  6. 6. Australia rules! (the mobile world) Source: Nielsen Online Ratings January 2012 A digital nation downunder
  7. 7. Australia rules! (the mobile world) Source: Nielsen Online Ratings January 2012 5th highest internet penetration in the world
  8. 8. Australia rules! (the mobile world) Source: Nielsen Online Ratings January 20121st highest smartphones penetration in the world
  9. 9. Citius, Altius, Fortius “The   introduc.on   of   BILD   mobil   has   been   a   sensa.onal   success   for   us   (...)   The   mobile   user   has   a   more   intensive   rela.onship   with   contents   and   services   than   the   sta.onary   Internet  surfer.  Consulta.ons  of  60   sec.  per  site  and  more  than   8   minutes   per   visit   surprised   us   in   a   way   in   the   beginning.  ” Tanja  Hackner,  project  leader  of  BILD  mobil,  Axel  Springer We engage higher, better and longer on mobile
  10. 10. Put it otherwise ... U.X.? Do it on Mobile First!
  11. 11. ... But it’s a multi-screen journey
  12. 12. It’s a multi-screen journey
  13. 13. It’s a multi-screen journey Bingo: Buys on tablet with Paypal at 10:35PM! 6 - Watches video trailer on TV 5 - Refines search on the couch with tablet 4 - Sends shortlist to home PC mailbox 3 - Looks for reviews during lunch break 2 - Browses on laptop at work 1 - Hooked by an email in the bus Seamless User Experience prevails on 4P rule
  14. 14. In a hyperconnected world ... From 6:00AM Customers can show up anytime, anywhere!
  15. 15. They want it right here ... At 11:00AM ...
  16. 16. And they want it right now! OR 11:00PM
  17. 17. Take away #1 There’s 100% chances you are going to ENGAGE your customers on Mobile First
  18. 18. What is Mobile? (as in mobility)
  19. 19. Multi-screen, multi-channel, cross-device,cross-screen, multi-tasking, simultasking ... Is that mobile?
  20. 20. Stationary but in transit ... Network access?
  21. 21. Portable but stationary ... Device orientation?
  22. 22. Small screen and on the move ... Social connectivity?
  23. 23. Small screen but stationary ... Haptic capabilities?
  24. 24. Is mobile just being portable? Geolocation and LBS?
  25. 25. And if so, is this mobile? We are in the grey area!
  26. 26. Take away #2:Mobile users are wild and unpredictable! You need a responsive approach to deliver the best context-aware user experience
  27. 27. What is Mobile? (as in hardware)
  28. 28. What is Mobile? (as in hardware) Platforms X X Manufacturers Browsers Carriers Call it device fragmentation or nightmare!
  29. 29. The many faces of the green robot Over 4000 different Android flavours
  30. 30. The many faces of the green robot Concurrent OS versions, countless screen sizes
  31. 31. And it’s just the beginning ...
  32. 32. And it’s just the beginning ...
  33. 33. GestureAnd it’s just a starter ... Enabled Webcapable Tomorrow begins today with Smart TVs!
  34. 34. Who knows what comes next? Google announces HUD with Project Glass
  35. 35. Who knows what comes next? The rise of the Machines Smart surfaces
  36. 36. Take away #3:Nobody can stop innovation and competition You need a device agnostic publishing technology.
  37. 37. So ... where do we start? Life used to be simple in the 90’s
  38. 38. The “legacy thing”
  39. 39. The “legacy thing” Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile plugin plugin plugin plugin plugin plugin plugin plugin plugin CMS DB DAM CRM ERP e-Com BI eLearning ... Key concerns: Cost, consistency, Sustainability
  40. 40. Simple housekeeping rules:
  41. 41. Simple housekeeping rules: Device detection + Presentation engine Service Layer (APIs, ESB, ...) CMS DB DAM CRM ERP e-Com BI eLearning ... Separate content and layout: Go SOA
  42. 42. One standard to rule them all?
  43. 43. One standard to rule them all? We can leverage HTML5 only as far as devices can!
  44. 44. Reality Check: 3 Learnings 1. CSS and Javascript do not work uniformly in all browsers = software fragmentation 2. HTML markup cannot cope with massive hardware fragmentation in terms of screen sizes, graphic capabilities, memory and processor speeds 3. This usually results in increased cost for development, testing and maintenance (TCO) We need framework to bridge the gap!
  45. 45. Beware of digital sirens in open seas
  46. 46. Beware of digital sirens in open seas •Analysts : Open Source is not covered by any traditional industry analysts. Netbiscuits is covered by all the main players like gartner, Forrester, Frost & Sullivan. •Partner Network : Building a network of experienced integrators is not easy and Netbiscuits has been at it for many years. With well-developed skills and a traditional kick-back the partners have good reason to go with Netbiscuits. •References : In both North America and Europe, you can easily find an existing Netbiscuits customer. This is very helpful to further increase adoption as it means that new customers have some experience they can tap into. In addition, Netbiscuits has many prominent retail references, starting with eBay. •Financial stability : A quick look at the recent Netbiscuits annual reports shows Netbiscuits e are doing extremely well. Netbiscuits has demonstrated that they are capable of earning money in a competitive market and posted record-numbers. •Global footprint : Netbiscuits is an established global player; much more so than any other competitor. Netbiscuits is in particular strong in the important and highly competitive US and UK markets. •Complexity : Many customers have started to realize that they do indeed have complex requirements. Netbiscuits has targeted the higher end of the market for quite a few years now, which has made the product more complex and capable towards the demanding, global and national enterprises. •TCO : There are a lot of white papers about the TCO and ROI with Open Source solutions. "Open" does not mean "free" or "cheap" on the long run. In website development projects, software costs typically comprise 5% of the total implementation costs. But by saving 5% in software costs by choosing an open source solution, you will most likely drive up the 95% of the ‘other’ costs significantly. Hidden costs of Open Source can 10-fold your TCO!
  47. 47. Take away #5Pick the right race horse!
  48. 48. Take away #5Tools you need for a mobile-first experience • Live Device Information Service for real time updates, no republish • Device adaptive Layouts for seamless screen-size management • Device adaptive Interactivity Deliver just the right code-optimised payload • Media queries optimisation & storage for image/video caching and streaming Bet long with device-agnostic web
  49. 49. Wrapping upYour recipe for Mobile First success 1 - Do Engage your customers on mobile first 2 - Adopt a responsive and context aware strategy 3 - Choose a device agnostic publishing technology 4 - SOA for your DDP = Sustainability and ROI 5 - Scale and stay cutting-edge with the Cloud
  50. 50. Conclusion:Mobile is your first step to success! Be future friendly, be device-agnostic!
  51. 51. Thank You!Lucas Challamel - ANZ Country ManagerT: 04 1014 1795 - E: @netbiscuitsAPAC 51