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Domain Transfer - How to go about it


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Domain transfer is simply a process of switching from one domain registrar to another.

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Domain Transfer - How to go about it

  1. 1. Domain TransferHow to go about it
  2. 2. What is Domain Transfer? Domain transfer is simply a process of switching from one domain registrar to another
  3. 3. Parties Involved in the Process of Domain Transfer The existing domain The domain registration registrar with whom the provider to whom you wishdomain name is currently to transfer your domain registered name
  4. 4. The Process.. Identify a Provide the registrar Authorization where you Code to the wish to new domain transfer your registrar domain Ask your existing Ensure that registrar for your domain your domain’s Authorization Domain Transfer name is in active mode Code Fill up the Ensure your application contact info in form being domain provided by records is the new updated and registrar valid
  5. 5. Things to Know About Transferring aDomain..▪ Your domain must be unlocked before you start your domain transfer▪ Your domain must be more than 60 days old and should not have been transferred in the last 60 days▪ Make sure that you remove private registration from the domain
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