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Build your own website in minutes


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A website gives your business an online identity that you can leverage to grow your business. Create a Website to be available 24/7 to your customers, expand your reach, go global. Use Net4’s EasySite package to build your website in minutes!

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Build your own website in minutes

  1. 1. WHY YOU NEED AWEBSITENet4 India Limited
  2. 2. Internet Clout Grows!By December 2012:2.4 Billion people used internet worldwideTotal number of websites: 634 MillionTotal number of domains registered: 246MillionNo. of email users: 2.2 Billion4/30/20132Net4 India Limited
  3. 3. Social Media Rules!FACEBOOK• 200 MillionActive UsersTWITTER• 200 MillionActive UsersLINKEDIN• 187 MillionActive UsersGoogle+• 135 MillionActive Users4/30/20133Net4 India Limited
  4. 4. Did you Know? There are over 4,00,000 Searches onGoogle every minute In one day on the internet, 2 Million blogposts are written (enough posts to fill TIMEmagazine for 770 million years.4/30/20134Net4 India Limited
  5. 5. More Facts! 57% Of businesses have acquiredcustomers through their blogs 78% of internet users conduct productresearch online 64% of Smartphone owners are using theirmobile devices to shop online4/30/20135Net4 India Limited
  6. 6. Still Looking for More Reasons?A Business Website is: Easy to make Cost-effective Global Reach Available 24/7 Improves a Professional ImageLastly, If your Competitors have theirs, why not you! 4/30/20136Net4 India Limited
  7. 7. Build Your Website Now! Use our drag-and-dropwebsite builder tool to createyour website in minutes! Choose from multiple themes& templates Get Google Adwords worthRs.3600 Free!.IN Domain,250 MBHosting,2 Emails@ Rs. 449OnlyCreate Your Website4/30/20137Net4 India Limited
  8. 8. Contact UsNet4 India Ltd.D-25, sector-3Noida, U.P201301Call us: 1800-108-4444Email Us: onlinesales@net4.in4/30/20138Net4 India Limited