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Drupal vs. Wordpress


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Presentation by Mike Garrett, Creative Director at WDG - Power of Open Source, Netsquared DC on August 21, 2012.

Published in: Technology
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Drupal vs. Wordpress

  1. 1. &»» Mike N Garrett»» @MikeNGarrett»»
  2. 2. Where did these systems come from?ee Drupal, a news site and message board »» Separate the system from the tools from the user experience »» Allow the possibilities to be endlessee WordPress, a publishing platform with great typography »» Focus on making the content management experience great »» Give users all the tools they need to create typical site
  3. 3. History tells usee Drupal is a framework used to build a content management systemee WordPress starts as a content-focused publishing platform that can be expanded upon
  4. 4. What does this mean?ee WordPress is a site out of the box »» Posts & pages »» Menus »» Categories & tags »» Sidebars and widgetsee Drupal is nothing out of the box… on purpose »» Content types »» Menus »» Vocabulary »» Blocks & regions
  5. 5. I’m lost. It’s ok.
  6. 6. Use Case for Drupalee MHz Networks, a company serving video across the regionee Requirements »» Serving video online and on mobile »» Store interface that integrates with existing video »» Multiple vocabulaties and views depending on different criteria
  7. 7. Use Case for WordPressee ARSA, advocacy for Aeronautical Repairee Requirements »» Simple new publishing »» Events calendar »» Internal ad placement
  8. 8. Finishing upee Use Drupal for… »» Complex content formats »» Extended functionality (systems on top of systems) »» App-like functionalityee Use WordPress for… »» Content-centric sites »» Blogs »» Simple custom functionality
  9. 9. Questions?