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  1. 1. 1. State the business idea. To create a start-up restaurant/cafe catering to bicyclists in St. Petersburg while offering a relaxed atmosphere and excellent, healthy food choices. <br />2. Show the problem that needs to be solved by the business. The biking community in St. Petersburg needs a café/restaurant where they can eat healthy and relax after a long bike ride.<br />3. Define the Target Market that will be served by the solution. <br />Ages 18-60<br />Health conscience/ environmentally conscience<br />Active lifestyle<br />People who purchase/plan to own bicycles <br />4. List the Top 3 Competitors. Google them. What can you do differently for each? CITATION StP10 l 1033 (Peterburg, 2010)<br />Leafy Greens<br />Lettuce Eat Healthy<br />Central Café<br />I would have a more relaxed atmosphere were bicyclists could feel relaxed after a long bike ride, safe places to store their bikes. <br />5. Describe the unique solution you can provide to solve the problem. After a long bike ride on the Pinellas Trail or elsewhere, there isn’t a real place for bicyclists to gather, relax, eat good food, sit outside enjoy the afternoon, and drink some beer/coffee. <br />6. State the value that you can offer to this market. The value is to create an environment where people can gather, relax and enjoy themselves. A place where information on upcoming bike rides can be found. <br />7. State the Business Model or how you'd make money- By selling product and services to the local community. <br />8. List 3 people that you asked about this business idea and their feedback on its feasibility<br />Andrew Carlton-Bike rider/ business partner—as an avid bike rider, he would enjoy a place to relax and get to know other riders after a ride.<br />Angie Vandersyde—stated it would be nice to have a meeting place to organize rides/ enjoy some coffee and have a healthy breakfast/ lunch or dinner.<br />Ajay—would enjoy a place to “chill” after a ride and “grub” on some healthy food.<br />9. Cite 3 sources in the text of your document to back up your facts. <br /><br /><br />10. List 3 references in your Reference list via APA style.<br />Executive Summary-difficult to determine the Executive Summary at this point considering this business is in its early stages of conception.<br />iii. Introduction<br />I. Value Creation<br />A. The Problem-Bicyclist doesn’t have any place to relax, be themselves, and enjoy a healthy snack/meal pre or post rides. <br />B. Target Market- Daily commuters on bicycles, leisure riders, anyone interested in getting involved in community bike rides. <br />C. Competitive SWOT-Strengths-15 years of restaurant experience, advanced knowledge of the biking community, and a desire to provide an environment where people can feel good about the sport they love and the people who support it. The temperatures in St. Petersburg are bike friendly almost year round with an average temperature of 68-88 degrees year round (government, 2011) Weakness- Tapping into the bike community is challenging. They are a close knit group. There are other places to eat healthy in St. Petersburg. Opportunities- to open up the community to a healthier alternative for biking and create an environment where bikers can gather and organize community bike rides safely. Threats—outside competition are always a threat. <br />D. The Solution-offering great food with a relaxed environment which includes good beer choices, great food, and community involvement in charity bike rides.<br />E. Value Proposition-To provides a relaxed environment for the active community with a focus on bicyclists. <br />F. Business Model<br />II. Product or Service<br />Description—Healthy food with a relaxed environment focused on bike riders and their passion for the sport. Good beers, coffees, energy packed foods, brick oven baked pizzas and a social gathering place. <br />B. Demo<br />III. Marketing and Sales Plan<br />A. Marketing Plan-<br />1. Mission—<br />Product mission—Provide customers with healthy alternatives for long bike rides or afterwards.<br />Community mission—Customer involvement in organized charity rides. Also create a meeting place for enthusiasts to gather.<br />2. USP-to offer healthy options for food along with a relaxed environment.<br />3. Position-to position the café at a location where it is easily visible to bike riders<br />4. Price-Prices of menu items would range from low to mid priced. <br />5. Media-local circulated free magazines (TBT, Creative Loafing), radio, and advertising in local bike shops. Advertising through . <br />6. Promotions-Organized bike rides with the start and stop points at the café. <br />B. Sales Strategy-Pizza of the day/beer specials. Fresh daily baked breakfast muffins/ premium coffee/ tea choices. Advertising at local bike shops along the Pinellas Trail and downtown St. Petersburg, FL. A punch card to encourage return business. <br />1. Contact List- Nicole Stock Andrew Carlton <br />2. Distribution Channels-Websites, Creative Loafing, TBT, flyers. <br />3. Sales Forecast<br />IV. Financial Planning<br />Startup Expenses- start-up expenses are estimated at $150,000, but this could differ greatly if a building is needed from the ground up.<br />B. Financial Plan: ---to follow in the upcoming weeks---<br />1. Income Statement<br />2. Cash Flow Statement<br />3. Balance Sheet<br />4. Breakeven Analysis<br />V. Management Team and Organization<br />A. Mission-to provide excellent service/products and to strive to create a safe environment for bikers and non-bikers to “chill” and be themselves. <br />B. Goals-Create a profitable business with growth rates of 10% annually<br />C. KPI's<br />D. Core Competencies-To provide a better bike-friendly café for the community. Superior knowledge of bikes/healthy foods to help with any questions customers might have. Also provide excellent service from management and staff, and a clean safe environment.<br />E. Ownership- sole proprietorship with chances of partnership.<br />F. Management Team- Andrew Carlton/ Nicole Stock <br />1. Staff-Andrew Carlton, Nicole Stock, one cook, one cashier. <br />2. Contractors-<br />3. Advisors<br />VI. Milestones and Timeline - Operations<br />A. Stage of Development—July 2012—initial <br />B. Production Process<br />C. Timeline—Begin in July 2012, opening up in December 2012 with a charity bike ride for Christmas. <br />VII. Risk Analysis and Exit Strategy<br />A. Risk-The risk of failure is always something to consider when starting a business.<br />B. Exit-<br /> VIII. Conclusion<br />References<br />Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY government. (2011). St. Peterburg Weather. Retrieved January 22, 2011, from, S. (2010). Happy cow. Retrieved January 21, 2011, from<br />B. Appendices<br />