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Grammar 5


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ネス外国語会話 第5回無料勉強会

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Grammar 5

  1. 1. N.E.S 5 Group Lesson Welcome! Today s topic is… Countable and Uncountable Nouns!
  2. 2. The only rule for countable/ uncountable nouns! Countable: You can use one/two/three + countable nouns Uncountable: You cannot say one/two/three + uncountable nouns
  3. 3. Countable Uncountable   (a) man/men   Water   (a) car/ cars   Salt   (a) key /keys   Sand   (a) house /houses   Rice   (an) idea/ ideas   Air   (an) accident/ accidents   Plastic   (a) party/ parties   Paper   (a) relative/relatives   Music   (a) crowd/ crowds   Money   (a) typhoon/ typhoons   Tennis   (an) envelope/ envelopes   Ice cream   Butter
  4. 4. You cannot use a/an + uncountable nouns But you can say….   A glass of water   A piece of cheese   A bowl of rice   A can of oil   A carton of milk   A cup of coffee   A bar of chocolate   A stick of butter   A scoop of ice cream   A piece of music   A game of tennis   Etc…
  5. 5. a/an and some (countable nouns) a/an singular countable nounI need a new cell phone.Would you like an apple? Some plural countable nounsI need some new shoes.Would you like some apples?
  6. 6. some (uncountable nouns) Some uncountable nounsI need some money.Let s listen to some music.You should wear some perfume.Would you like some ice cream?(or Would you like a scoop of ice cream?)
  7. 7. Many nouns are sometimes countable and sometimes uncountableA chicken A piece of chicken(a whole chicken)A cake A slice of cake (a whole cake)A paper (=newspaper) A piece of paperA room There is room in myA good time bag. Do you have time?
  8. 8. A lot / Much / Many We use a lot of all types of nounsI drank a lot of water. (uncountable) I saw a lot of people. (countable) We use much uncountable nouns How much money do you want? There isn t much water in my cup. We use many countable nouns  There are many people on the train. I took many photographs.
  9. 9. We use much in questions and negative sentences, but not usually in positive sentences.  Do you drink much coffee/ a lot of coffee?  I don t drink much coffee/ a lot of coffee.butI drink a lot of coffee. (Not I drink much coffee )Do you drink much coffee? Yes, a lot .(Not much )
  10. 10. (a) little (a) few(a)  little uncountable (a) few plural noun: countable noun:  (a) little water   (a) few books  (a) little money   (a) few days  (a) little soup   (a) few people
  11. 11. With and without a  a little= some but not much   a few= some but not manyI speak a little Spanish. (=some I speak a few words in Spanish. Spanish but not much) I ve got a few friends, so I m notThey have a little money, so they lonely. will be okay. (=they have some (=I ve got some friends) money)   few (without a)=nearly none  little (without a)= nearly none… nearly nothing There were a few people in the park. It was nearly empty.There was little food in the fridge. I ve got few friends. I m lonely. It was nearly empty.They have little money, so they need help. (=nearly no money)
  12. 12. Much and a lot without a noun  I saw my friend yesterday but we didn t talk much.  Do you watch TV much? No, not much.  We like films, so we go to the cinema a lot.  I don t like him very much.  My parents are boring. They don t go out much.  My parents are fun. They go out a lot.