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CV for Syrian Women Observatory

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Syrian Women Observatory Cv New

  1. 1. Syrian Women Observatory (SWO) - Syrian Women Observatory was lunched in 5/1/2005 as a dialogue project about the Syrian social issues particularly the following axis: woman, children, and disabled people. It focuses on all kinds of violence. - Observatory adopted the concepts of human rights and citizenship as posed by the processor. The link to these issues is the relationship with development and not a secondary basis - It resists all kind of violence against women and children, and also it refuses any religious or educational background as an excuse for this violence .Observatory is a completely voluntary, and completely independent of any government or party or organization. Does not receive any funding from any quarter. It has no legal status in Syria so far. Observatory in its work depends on the voluntary working group (variable number) is widespread in many cities. The members of this group with diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. Women constitute the majority in it. It also depends on a large number of volunteers and volunteers working within their local environments independently. - Observatory focuses its work to raise awareness against violence and discrimination against women and children and the disabled. And using the website, and an electronic forum, and a large distribution 1 Syrian Women Observatory 00963933957011
  2. 2. - - network of articles and studies on them to be interested in everywhere. It also - collaborates with a large number of media and Computers provides that they need to put these issues addressed well .The Observatory also played an important role (which is the only such a role in Syrian civil society) is the transfer of expertise and knowledge to outside the capital. It is the involvement of various cities in the activities of the capital, where possible, as is access to documents and any activity to get it to them in their towns, working on the transfer of expertise between organizations and associations working in the interest, and provide free information service through writing about their work and offering advice and participation In its activities. The observatory also provides free Web pages for many of these organizations, some of the observatory built within the site and some independent. Observatory launched a national debate on the Syrian Societies Act (which is the most important obstacle to work in women's issues and children and the disabled), citing the dialogue was being carried out by many civil society organizations, in partnership with the Syrian Board for Family Affairs, then, from the small national level. Contributed to this debate. This led to the Declaration of two alternatives submitted by the civil society, are not endorsing any of them. Observatory is also involved in the campaign demanded that Syrian women in their humanitarian grant citizenship to their children, a campaign launched by the Syrian Women's Association, and is still continuing. 2 Syrian Women Observatory 00963933957011
  3. 3. . Observatory launched the national campaign against honor crimes (2005), which will remain constant for a long time. It also launched the Arabic page of the Global Campaign: Say no to violence against women, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). He was recently developed a special sign for Syrian women's right to grant nationality to their children, (which work had begun by the Association of Syrian women since 2003). Observatory participating in all civic activities, and many governmental activities related to one of the three-pronged focus its attention Observatory: women, children, persons with disabilities. The Observatory plays an intermediary role in the service of some battered women, through Shin and lawyers, lawyers, or sending them to associations and organizations to provide them with some appropriate services. Several times he played the key role in saving the lives of Syrian women’s who were at risk of murder. Website Observatory on the Internet more than 5,000 articles and study and report. The pages in: - it has other pages in the following languages: - English: 3 Syrian Women Observatory 00963933957011
  4. 4. - French: - German: - Articles against honor crimes: - Signers Database: 4 Syrian Women Observatory 00963933957011