10 Essential Tips to Navigate Nero Recode 11


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From importing videos, to fine-tuning device profiles, to encoding videos for multiple devices all at once, Nero Recode packs a lot of punch. Use this quick guide to learn everything you need to know to become a Nero Recode pro.

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  • I used nero recor 12. I downloaded from here http://www.dnmw.net/nero-recode-12-download/
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10 Essential Tips to Navigate Nero Recode 11

  1. 1. The newly redesigned userinterface of Nero Recode 11makes importing, transcodingand moving your video fileseasier than ever before.Here’s a quick guide on how tonavigate – from beginning toend – all the great features ofNero 11 Recode.
  2. 2. Simply drag and drop your video files into the new Nero RecodeDrop Zone and your content will be automatically analyzed andready to be optimized.
  3. 3. When importing a DVD or DVD folder structure, Nero Recodeautomatically analyzes the content so it’s prepared for best rippingor shrinking results.
  4. 4. Easily access yourorganized videos inNero Kwik Media fromNero MediaBrowser.
  5. 5. Pre-Configured Devices Pre-Configured Profiles9 pre-configured device settings Depending on which device youthat automatically optimize select, you’ll be able to choosevideos for devices. from the available pre-configured profiles.
  6. 6. View profile information so you know the settings for your final video output.You can click on the Edit Profile buttonto create and save custom profiles foreach of your devices.
  7. 7. Choose the destination folder for where you want your final videos to be saved.
  8. 8. Choose from five pre-configured quality settings thatautomatically set the right bit rate to optimize your video’s filesize and resolution.
  9. 9. If you want more control, select the ‘Custom Quality’ option.Click on the arrow in front of ‘individual output settings’. Adjust the quality slider within the green zone for the ideal balance between file size and quality.
  10. 10. 9. Check Original Video Info Easily check the source information for the video you are optimizing.
  11. 11. Nero Recode batch processing saves you lots of time and effort by letting you set up and process multiple jobs at once. Simply add multiple video files at once via the Dropzone or via Nero MediaBrowser.You can adjust the order of the jobs by dragging and dropping withinthe window.