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Weather g2


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Weather g2

  1. 1. How can you measure weather? What will you wear today??? Heavy or light clothes?????
  2. 2. Introduction: How can you describe the weather in the four seasons?
  3. 3. Spring The weather is warm Sometimes it rains
  4. 4. Summer The weather is very hot It is sunny too
  5. 5. Fall The weather is cool It is windy too
  6. 6. Winter The weather is cold Sometimes it snows
  7. 7. Weather A. Temperature B. Precipitation C. Wind
  8. 8. (A) Temperature How hot or cold weather is
  9. 9. Thermometer: Used to measure temperature
  10. 10. •The weather is cool •The temperature is 20 Celsius
  11. 11. Types of Precipitation
  12. 12. Objectives:  Observe and describe types of precipitation, including rain, snow, sleet, and ice.  Measure snow using ruler.  Measure rain using rain gauge.
  13. 13. Water that falls to earth from clouds
  14. 14. Rain Drops of water
  15. 15. Snow Very small ice particles
  16. 16. Sleet Mixture of rain and snow
  17. 17. Hail Chunks of ice
  18. 18. How do scientists measure rain and snow????
  19. 19. Rain Gauge Used to measure the amount of rain in one spot
  20. 20. Ruler Used to measure the depth of snow
  21. 21. Measuring the amount of rain  We have two rain gauges  We put one of them in spot (A) for five minutes  And the other one in spot (B) for five minutes too  Observe the two gauges in the science lab then answer the question  In which spot is it raining more heavily? Spot (A) or spot (B)???
  22. 22. Measuring the depth of snow  In front of you is a measuring cup filled with fake snow  Scientists use ……………………………. to measure the depth of snow.  Measure the depth of the snow in the measuring cup  Depth of snow = ………….. centimeter