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Presentation Overview 3.2011


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Neptech Overview

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Presentation Overview 3.2011

  1. 1. Overview  Neptech is proud to be a veteran-owned, American company doing its part to help rebuild our manufacturing base and contribute to a clean environment.  We’re working with many of the leading companies to harness new technologies that reduce emissions and support our Nation’s environmental goals.  Neptech has earned a quality reputation for consistently delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that benefit our clients’ bottom line.  Our multi-faceted engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide a complete array of products and services to R&D facilities worldwide. 2
  2. 2. Neptech, Inc. Company – Neptech is a ‘single-source’ stocking distributor of specialized consumable and engineered products used in the engine testing research & development industry. – Our charge is to support our customer-base and help achieve cost-efficiencies by delivering world-class quality products and service while striving to streamline the procurement process. Product Mix – We’ve been in the business since 1994 and currently represent approximately 72 major brands of high quality components. – The product portfolio continues to grow as client demand dictates and new technologies and opportunities present themselves. – Our product mix falls predominantly within the category of engine testing and R&D equipment and supplies. Strengths – This focus has enabled us to develop our core competencies in this category and maintain consistently high product quality and service levels. – This specialized industry focus provides a competitive advantage in terms of volume purchasing leverage – Customer service, responsiveness, product, engineering and industry expertise have been keys to building strong long-term relationships with key clients. 3
  3. 3. Neptech = New Product Technologies What is Neptech – Authorized Distributor of 50,000 high quality components from 70+ major manufacturers – Custom engineering and manufacturer of emissions testing products – Neptech is recognized as a Veteran Owned Business Enterprise by the SBA. Strengths – Expertise – Total focus on engine testing and R&D industry – Experience – Engineers and Technicians average over 20 years industry experience – Volume Purchasing Leverage – Innovation – lean and agile • In-house design and manufacturing capabilities facilitate continued improvements in designing new, prototypes and alternative components to help achieve quality, innovation and cost objectives
  4. 4. FLEXOTHERM TM ElectricallyHeated Products
  5. 5. FLEXOTHERM TM Electrically Heated Products
  6. 6. Heated Sample Lines
  7. 7. Heated Filter Valves
  8. 8. Heated and Insulating Blankets and Jackets
  9. 9. Heated Sample Probes 12
  10. 10. Distributed Products
  11. 11. Distributed Products
  12. 12. Distributed Products
  13. 13. Instrument Tube and Pipe Fittings
  14. 14. Flow Meters and Indicators
  15. 15. Instrument Valves
  16. 16. Pressure Regulators
  17. 17. Pressure Gauges
  18. 18. Pressure Transducers
  19. 19. Valves
  20. 20. Thermocouples
  21. 21. Dual Rinse Cleaning Cart
  22. 22. Stocking and Distribution Programs
  23. 23. Contract Services
  24. 24. Gas Distribution Systems
  25. 25. CNG – Compressed Natural Gas Product
  26. 26. LNG – Liquified Natural Gas Product
  27. 27. Neptech In-House Manufacturing
  28. 28. Orbital Welding
  29. 29. References
  30. 30. Thank You