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Reading Comprehension 2012 – Let Me Entertain YouSample AnswerA (5 MARKS – NO NEED TO PQE)    1.   The Space Cowboy juggle...
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Sample answer


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Sample answer

  1. 1. Reading Comprehension 2012 – Let Me Entertain YouSample AnswerA (5 MARKS – NO NEED TO PQE) 1. The Space Cowboy juggles a chainsaw. 2. There are also snake charmers, magicians, fire eaters and sword swallowers at the festival. 3. The festival organisers provide old-fashioned wooden games. One of these was Mastermind. 4. The world record attempt that people participated in was gathering the biggest bunch of Wallys together. PBThe Space Cowboy was a popular performer because everyone loved watching him perform. They Qeven voted him World Street Performance Champion for a third time running. This is seen where itsays “for the third time in the history of the festival, the Space Cowboy has been voted World StreetPerformance Champion”. This proves that the Space Cowboy was a popular performer. E PWe also know he was a popular performer because of one girl’s reaction when she sees him. This isseen where it says “a teenage girl jumps up from the grass, cheering and punching the air”. Thisshows us that the Space Cowboy was loved. Q ECPeople go to the Street Performance festival because they enjoy watching all the entertaining acts. PThe author says that part of the fun is watching the audience as they “enjoy the performances”.People also go to the festival because it is exciting and thrilling. One boy says “everyone jokes Qaround and you don’t know what they’ll do next”. The above points outline why people go to theStreet Performance festival. EDI think the writer is trying to describe the sheer amount of work involved in organising the festival.This was done to make sure everyone was happy and smiling. The organisers put in so much work toensure that people would have a grin on their faces. They went to incredible effort so that everyonewould be entertained “an entertaining display”.EDeath–defying acts = this means that people were willing to do stunts that may result in risking theirlives.Hat-trick = this is three successive achievement. It usually occurs in sport.Eavesdropping = this means to listen to other people talking without them realising that you arethere.Mrs. Shannon Page 1