Major glendinning


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Major glendinning

  1. 1. Our First Impressions of MajorGlendinning are that he is a tough,unsympathetic man. He speaks contemptuously of the Irish men he has been assigned, calling them ‘illiterate peasants, rascals and schoolboys’. Major Glendinning is determined to turn them into soldiers as quickly as possible.
  2. 2. When he is tellingMajor Glendinning’s Alec about anprimary concern is upcoming attack, hethe outcome of the says that “There war . must be no flaw in the machinery”. He blames Alec’s Major Glendinning Irishness for the fact believes that the that he is friendly Irish are an overly- with Jerry and his emotional race and refusal to take histhat this makes them advice on the subject unfit to govern of men and officers themselves. fraternising.
  3. 3. Major Like Alicia, Glendinning Major shares Alicia’s Glendinning contempt for likes to keep the peasant up the Irish and heMajor too wants toGlendinning’s appearance and habits make a man ofhabits are Alec andstartlingly of the upper class. separate himsimilar to those from Jerryof Alicia Moore. Crowe.
  4. 4. As the Major is not the type of person to It is easy to view tolerate failure or Major Glendinningweakness, it is safe to say as a cruel, heartless that he would have no man but he is a further interest in Alec, product of the career nor would he wish to he has chosen. speak to him before his execution.Although he is a soldier, When he is in thethe horrors of the First World War and the war he is forced to scale of the human make harsh losses are unlike decisions about theanything he would have men in his charge. experienced before.
  5. 5. Final Impression Of Major Glendinning I must take account of My final impressions the fact thatOur final impression of Major Glendinning Glendinning is not ofof Major Glendinning involve a mix of The major may have this century, but was is of a determined, loathing at his traces of compassion a soldier in the first inflexible man who apparent British but he works hard to world war. As such, he has thrown himself upper-class snobbery suppress any feelings is a man withwholeheartedly into and yet an admiration which may lead him responsibilities. Our the war and has at how he appears to to have sympathy initial meeting withdecided that the best run his charges, as with his men and Glendinning in the way to achieve one with the sees them as book shows I believe, success is not to responsibility on individuals rather a man that is actingquestion orders from Glendinning’s than part of the war according to his rolethose in a position of shoulders should machine. requirements and not authority. most likely do. only to his social upbringing.
  6. 6. The End ByDaniel Lambert & Sean O’Grady