Alicia moore


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Alicia moore

  1. 1. Is a very difficult character to like . By Daniel Lambert Mairead Dolan And Connor Keegan
  2. 2. Alicia and Alec Alicia left Alec “dispossessed in a sentence”.“Her fingers bit into Alicia is always the my arm like angry winner of arguments. teeth” “To be a beautiful woman must be a Alicia feels Alec must terrible thing. To go to war its his dutyalways expect people to fight. to die for you”. “You are obtuse almost like your father”
  3. 3. Alicia and Frederick “She looked at him with contempt.”“Frederickwhy do you ask such sillyquestions?” “You have always been an ineffective man . Ineffective and old”.
  4. 4. Frederick and Alicia are in Alicia is clearly the a loveless marriage and dominant figure “the Alicia openly treats her winner was always thehusband with disrespect, “I same”. This quote is in have no intention in relation to his parent’s remaining in the house arguments and the fact his alone with you”. mother always won. Alicia becomes an obstacleAlicia sends her only son to to Alec and Jerry’s war and there is a friendship as shesuggestion from Frederick disapproves and tries tothat she is only doing it to end it. The trip to Europe ishurt him. There is also the one attempt she makes atpossibility that Mrs Moore preventing thewants the prestige of have development of a her son going to war to relationship between the fight for honour. two boys.
  5. 5. The End.