NephoScale Elastic Networking


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Maximize application performance in the cloud with
bare metal dedicated servers, virtual servers, and
Elastic Networking

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  • 6 aspects of a cloud network that are absolutely necessary in order to provide a next generation cloud service offering Note; To be clear these capabilities are important items for a provider to haveDynamic:Most infrastructure (hosting and IaaS) environments are static.  When workloads shift from one end-point to another, the migration must be performed manually and this is time-consuming and error prone.Flexible:Customer requirements in the cloud are ever changing and extremely varied and the ability to meet specific needs in a timely fashion is important.Independent and Abstracted: No reliance on a specific hardware vendor which most importantly drives costs down and adds to flexibility, with respect to feature development
  • Poll question: Rank what is most important to you when operating on a IaaS cloud computing platform?Compute performanceAPI and time saving cloud orchestration toolsNetworking features and performance PricingTechnical SupportDeep experience in building cloud platformsLearned about networking technology limitations in the processSpoke with many network hardware vendors and decided to build our own network overlay technologyWe can now solve cloud networking problems that others cannot
  • Enterprise grade cloud solutions that advertise high uptimeand ultra high performance solutions that leverage technologies such as Infiniband, often cannot provide advanced networking features or accomodatethe level of flexibility required to support optimized custom solutions
  • Polling question #2:What type of database do you have? MySQL MS-SQL NoSQL Oracle
  • NephoScale Elastic Networking

    1. 1. Maximize application performance in the cloud withbare metal dedicated servers, virtual servers, andElastic Networking December 4th, 2012
    2. 2. NephoScale Elastic Networking
    3. 3. Why is the Networking Technology Used in Cloud Services Platforms so Important?A cloud network must be:• Dynamic – adaptive networking that allows for easy adjustment and migration of cloud resources and workloads on-demand• Flexible - to allow for the development of features and capabilities as customer demands arise• Scalable - support unlimited layer 2 broadcast domains both within and across data centers, and support high throughput connectivity between virtual and bare metal compute resources• Secure - keep traffic isolated to specific broadcast domains within a multi-tenant environment• Resilient - intelligent, self healing, multi path design capable of failing over or rebuilding automatically• Independent and Abstracted - software based network technology that operates independently of the underlying network hardware
    4. 4. Problems that customers are facingwhen using Cloud IaaS PlatformsMost cloud IaaS platforms cannot support:• Cloud servers that deliver the performance needed for databases that rely on fast network connectivity, 50,000+ IOPs server I/O, and 1 GB/sec+ sequential write speeds• Broadcast and multicast applications such as Windows Directory Server, DHCP, IPTV, IP Telephony, clusters, grid engines, distributed caching, service discovery, etc..• Intelligent, self healing, multi path networks that can fail over or rebuild automatically, resulting in unnecessary downtime• One click deployment templates that support sequential dependency based mgmt. of cloud resources, images, stacks, recipes, embedded code, etc.• Fully meshed hybrid clouds that create optimized high throughput/low latency environments that combine virtual servers and bare metal SSD based dedicated servers, all on the same low latency layer 2 network broadcast domain
    5. 5. Fully Meshed Cloud Networking vsTraditional Single-lane Interconnect = Virtual Server = Dedicated Server = Single Lane Interconnect Vs. NephoScale Fully Meshed
    6. 6. The Story Behind the Developmentof Elastic Networking• When NephoScale first embarked on developing the technology surrounding "Elastic Networking, the team already had decades of experience building large scale hosting environments, and clearly understood the limits of existing network technology as it applied to supporting the demands of different applications in a cloud datacenter environment• NephoScale’s Elastic Networking is a SDN (software defined networking) based technology that is designed to enable users to design and manage their own networks• When it comes to cloud computing, the existing traditional network technology is too static, inflexible, brittle, and difficult to scale• Our goal is to offer a cloud network that is controlled by software, is fully automated, and can solve problems in ways traditional networks simply cannot
    7. 7. Network and Compute Requirements for Delivering and Scaling Applications in the CloudRequirements SolutionsReliability and Uptime Minimized cloud service failures • Outages and server crashes • Disappearing servers and loss of dataConsistency Predictable network performance • No network latency variabilityPerformance High performance networking and compute • High Server I/O with SSD bare metal dedicated server for databases • Extensively optimized cloud server host architecture delivering industry leading virtual server performance • Elimination of typical throughput bottleneck between virtual and dedicated servers • Secure private high speed network access between all serversNew Features Support for new industry standards and capabilities • IPv6 supportSecurity Isolated virtual networks • Secure private and public broadcast domains • No AARP traffic shared, and cannot ping or access others accounts resourcesNo Compromises in Network Architecture Win-win network solutionDesign • Advanced networking stack that allows for minimal trade-offs when delivering new capabilities
    8. 8. Elastic Networking Use casesoDistinct broadcast domains for public and private networks •Windows environments • DHCP server
    9. 9. Elastic Networking Use caseso Tagged VLANs •Private cloud environments such as Vmware and OpenStack
    10. 10. Elastic Networking Use caseso Sub-broadcast Domains • Resellers • Departments within enterprises
    11. 11. Elastic Networking Use caseso Configurable Server Network Ports • Control which network domain to connect your server to • Private network and private address only servers
    12. 12. Elastic Networking Use caseso Instantiating a Server without an IP Address • Provisioning servers for temporary use • Manage own networks using technologies such as DHCP and NAT
    13. 13. Elastic Networking Use caseso Virtual Private Cloud • Establish private interconnect between on-prem servers and server located on NephoScale network
    14. 14. Elastic Networking Use caseso IPv6 Support • Out of the box support, not an add-on or a fix
    15. 15. NephOS - the Next Generation Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform
    16. 16. NephoScale NephOS Platform Allow on-demand bare metal and virtual servers to coexistThe Vision on the same network Allow users to control their own networking configurations Provide free time saving automation and orchestration tools Build a cloud platform with a unique combination ofThe Mission advanced networking technology, and bare metal and virtual compute Build a cloud platform that treats “infrastructure as code”, because in the future all next generation cloud platforms must be able to support infrastructure deployments as if they are agile software development activities
    17. 17. NephOS Platform
    18. 18. NephoScale Provides the Best Solution for Applications Needing aHighly Optimized High Performance Cloud Environment• High Performance Cloud Infrastructure – Fastest virtual cloud servers available in the industry – Ultra high performance SSD based bare metal dedicated servers – Integrated virtual server & dedicated server environments• Elastic Networking – Public and private isolated virtual networks – Point-to-multipoint any-to-any high performance Gigabit connectivity between all virtual and dedicated servers (no bottlenecks between server networks) – Support for tagged vlans, and broadcast and multicast applications• CloudScript Orchestration Technology – Creates DevOps ready environment that speeds up feature development flow and allows for easy ongoing optimization of infrastructure for best application delivery results – Reduces deployment times, increases predictability, and minimizes deployment errors• Free Technical Support – High touch design and onboarding assistance directly from NephoScale – Phone and email technical support 24x7x365
    19. 19. NephoScale High-Touch Onboarding and Support• Free onboarding and infrastructure design assistance – Application architecture and cloud integration analysis – Cloud infrastructure design recommendations – Hands-on onboarding assistance and platform familiarization• Free on-going technical support and sharing of best practices – Personalized pre-sales support to help you succeed in your cloud migration – Knowledge transfer on how to best leverage CloudScript to optimize your application delivery – Real-time operational support – US-based 24/7 phone support – Email ticketing, knowledgebase, tech docs, and demo videos
    20. 20. NephoScale Compute and Storage Services • Configuration Options TM  0.5GB 1 Core  32GB 16 Core VMs NephoScale Coudlet • Linux & Windows Server options Virtual Servers • Persistent Storage (RAID6) • Configuration Options TMNephoScale BareMetal  2GB 2 Core  144GB 8 Core servers • Linux & Windows Server options Dedicated Servers • Optional High Performance SSD TM • Object based cloud storage ObjectStor • Triple Replication – 99.999% uptime Cloud Storage • Accessible via Web Browser, Cloud Fuse, or NephoScale API
    21. 21. Methods for Cloud Resource ManagementCustomer Portal • Login and Provision server(s)  Depending on the application complexity - • Locate Credentials end to end process could take up to 4 hours • SSH or RDC to server(s)  Best for lower volume static environments • Login to server(s) • Download and configure Apps RESTful API • From Host Make API calls to  Application configuration is same as Portal provision servers deployment • Login to server(s)  Provisioning is streamlined for larger server • Download and configure Apps deployments time reduced 50%  Best for higher volume deployments with limited modifications CloudScript • Manage entire data center in single -  Single CloudScript file posted to NephoScale CloudScript text file API that deploys entire cluster and stack • All server parameters defined in one  With pre-configured template, process can be location (hostname, IPs, OS, network) reduced to 15 minutes or less • Define all config mgmt dependencies  Best for varied server deployments requiring for configuring apps, running frequent iterations recipes, injecting data, embedding code, etc
    22. 22. NephoScale AdvantageNephoScale is Changing the Way Applications are Developed and Delivered NephOS CloudScript Cloud Performance and Platform Orchestration AutomationElastic Networking Powerful Cloud Service • 3x VM PerformanceHybrid Compute Provisioning and Mgmt • 10x SSD Bare Metal Options PerformanceVirtual and Bare Metal • CloudScript • 10x ConfigurationServers on Single • RESTful API EfficiencyPrivate Network • Web Portal • DevOps ReadyPersistent Cloud One Click CloudScript • Low total cost ofServer Storage and IP Infrastructure and Application application deliveryAddresses Configurations
    23. 23. SummaryNephoScale delivers the highest performance in the cloud:• Unmatched free onboarding, service, and support• Fastest virtual servers• Ultra fast bare metal dedicated servers with SSD drives• Elastic Networking• CloudScript orchestration technology• Rapid error free deployments• Rapid iteration—modify/update/reproduce environments with a single click
    24. 24. 30 Day Free Trial Offer• Program Details: – Free High-Touch On-boarding Assistance – Up to ten (10) CS4.4 cloud servers for 30 days – 30 days unlimited ObjectStor object-based triple redundant cloud storage – 3TB of outbound data transfer & unlimited free inbound transfer• Total value of over $2,500• No obligations – If we do not provide you with the solution and support you need, then we don’t deserve your business
    25. 25. Changing the Way Applications are Developed and DeliveredFor more information contact us at:www.nephoscale.comsales@nephoscale.com855-NEPHOS-9 (637-4679)