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LinkedIn Marketing Basics


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starting with LinkedIn Marketing for Business.

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LinkedIn Marketing Basics

  1. 1. growing your network on LinkedIn SOCIAL NETWORKING FOR BUSINESS | September 2013 | Roshan Joshi | Add me to LinkedIn | Marketing Basics
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn? • Professional Networking Platform. Over 225 million users • Mainly used to connect to people related to professional network (people from your industry) • Also used for job search or recruiting, company updates, insights from industry experts and to connect to alumni network
  3. 3. Why use LinkedIn? • Old + New Connections = Grow Professional Network • Explore New Business Leads • Improve Reputation + Leadership • Market Research & Industry Trends Study • Find Jobs or People Looking for Jobs
  4. 4. Common LinkedIn Terms • Profile • Network • Companies • Groups • Connections - 1st / 2nd / 3rd Degree / Group • Recommendation • Skill • Endorsement • Alumni
  5. 5. Getting Started in LinkedIn • Import contacts from your email address to complete your Profile • Search and Join Groups Related to Your Industry • Follow related Companies • Use Recommendations for your colleagues • Use endorsements to endorse skills of your connections
  6. 6. Using Groups in LinkedIn • Groups Can be Open or Approval Based • Join Related Group & Sub Groups if Any • Connect with Group Owners • Browse through Members in Group • Send Invitations to People in the Group
  7. 7. Using Search in LinkedIn • Search Anything and Use Filter to Match Your Need • e.g. Search for CEO Industry = Design Relationship = Group Members Location = USA • Pro Tip: Save Search to get in your email inbox
  8. 8. Using Companies in LinkedIn • Search for a Company • Go to the Company Page (check company page introduction, updates, new jobs, employees etc.) • Visit Profile of Person You Want to Connect (Start with 2nd Degree Connection Introduction) • Send Invitation
  9. 9. Using Connections in LinkedIn • Suppose someone accepts your invitation, or you accept someone else’s invitation. Then you two become 1st Degree Connections and can see each other’s details. Their connections who are not yet your connections become 2nd degree connections. • Follow Up the very first time someone connects with you. • You can start with your professional introduction + what you are looking from your relation. Be Polite, Be Straight when making new contacts.
  10. 10. LinkedIn Etiquette • Avoid / Limit unsolicited invitations. • Ask for an introduction where applicable from a 1st degree connection. • Build relationships. Help when you can. Be professional and direct about your approach.
  11. 11. Back to Basics: Beyond LinkedIn • Do your homework - LinkedIn is just a tool • Start with 1st Degree Connections, friends that you know • Choose Partners Wisely. Be in a good neighborhood • Export your LinkedIn connection database if needed