The matrix


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The matrix

  1. 1. See Convergence Culture The Matrix by Henry Jenkins Transmedia Storytelling & Convergence
  2. 2. Bruce Sterling- Matrix Appeal • Pop appeal • Suicidal attacks • Martial arts • Pre-destined Love • Fetish • Christian Exegesis/Buddhism/Taoism/Nebuchadnezzar • Redeemer Myth • Death & Rebirth • The Odyssey • Baudrillard/Kant/Nietsche/Berkeley • Sci-fi (Philip K. Dick) • Godelian mathematical metaphysics
  3. 3. Searching for the Origami Unicorn (by Henry Jenkins) • ‘Through the looking glass’ • The White Rabbit • The Red Queen • Morpheus • Persephone • Trinity • ‘Simulacra & Simulation’ (Neo’s book) • DA203 & IS5416 • Neo’s apartment- Room 101
  4. 4. Synergistic Storytelling Animatrix- Final Flight of the Osiris Jue drops letter into mailbox (Gives her life getting letter to Enter the Nebuchadnezzar crew The Matrix Matrix- Player Reloaded- must get letter The crew are into hands of discussing the the crew. last transmission of the Osiris.
  5. 5. Enter the Matrix- Trailer
  6. 6. Audience- Transmedia Experience Active Engagement with at least 3 different media.You as the audience may have delivered the letter yourself and traced the trajectory of this one narrative stand across 3 different media.
  7. 7. Counterclaims... • Can audience be bothered? • What about those who haven’ do you understand the narrative? • Is it just a marketing ploy to make the consumer spend more money?
  8. 8. Alpha- Mapping The cast of The Matrix trilogy never new if they were being filmed for the film or the game.
  9. 9. Woo-Ping Yuen- Geof Darrow- Choreographer Conceptual Drawings Paul Chadwick- Matrix Comics Collaborative Authorship Yoshiaki Kawajiri The Wachowski Bros.
  10. 10. Rebooting Audience Theory- Janet Murray • Consumer 1- ‘The actively engaged real- time viewer who look for suspense and action in satisfaction in each single episode.’ • Consumer 2- ‘The more reflective, long- term audience who look for coherent patterns in the story as a whole.’ • Consumer 3- ‘The navigational viewer who takes pleasure in following the connections between different parts of the story.’
  11. 11. Oracle Archetypes- Easier for Film/Game Crossover The Hacker
  12. 12. Niobe begins to displace Morpheus halfway through The Matrix Revolutions. To the film audience this is unexplained but to the gaming audience and having spent 100hrs + playing the character, this is understandable May 26th, 2005- The Matrix Online Morpheus killed... Additive Comprehension (Neil Young) defn: expansion of interpretive possibilities in fictional franchises extended across multiple texts and media