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Relaunch of SIS TV

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Student Voice & SIS TV The Masterplan
  2. 2. Student Voice I was approached by Giancarlo Lee early in 08/09 Student voice- ‘tokenistic’ at SIS Opportunities for informed Student Governance and representation of the student body is needed... The Piggybank was at least one partial response to the above
  3. 3. SIS TV Relaunch Importance of SIS News channel Y10 Media Studies Curriculum ‘Hardtalk’ style show with guests in hot-seat as flagship text Vox-pop questions from student body Thursday night activity slot (selected group) with support from selected Y7-10 students in ‘shadow’ role. Promote investigative qualities
  4. 4. The Team Executive Producers- Prakash, Aneri, Renuka, Vas & Mingky (Think tank/Whole School Picture/Initiate Research/ Approach Staff) Presenter- Paul Lau Producers- Anna & Mary Chief Editor- Gershon Cinematography & Lighting- Rosie T-shirts being created from activity budget...
  5. 5. Use of a Live Audience Link to debating... As the show establishes itself, we would like to do a live broadcast. The show could be used as stimulus for a lesson, or recorded/edited to be used as a teaching and learning resource later. Allows for questions coming from the audience. (A bit like the BBC’s Doha Debates) How often should we broadcast the show?
  6. 6. ‘Eye on Sheridan’ (Campus improvements) v=tWsjhE_A5oM&feature=PlayList&p=713DD2A817231979&index=5 (Career Scope/Advice) (Sports)
  7. 7. The Piggybank Part of SIS TV (SIS News) Digital/Web based focus? (Avoid publication costs)The use of regularly updated blogs instead. Link from school website. Alternative Voice, linked into forum discussions (Rules of engagement need to be clarified and forums monitored) Subject matter discussed in Hardtalk and further pursued through The Piggybank, as part of a bigger school wide news service.
  8. 8. Constraints Long articles have to be written on a regular basis. How often is a reasonable target? (Once per half term) Journalistic values and purpose as targets for improvement Report back to Student Council, ESLT and PTA Avoid banal content and repetition. Change the name? Use of original, school based photos wherever possible. Role of school photographer/s? Chief editor and editorial team needs to be appointed
  9. 9. The Team Advised by think tank group (Initiate research) Chief Editor- Liran Weizman Editorial Team/Web Designers- Laura Grant Journalists- Conducting/analysing research as well as writing articles- Emmanuel Kwok, Tiffany Yeung & Audrey Pang Photographers-
  10. 10. University of Toronto ‘The Varsity’ (Magazine) (Weekly Newspaper) (Layout and features of the site)
  11. 11. Exhibition Eventually use a secure, purpose built website with forums In the foyer area and outside of D82 (Plans to buy a plasma screen for the IB Centre) Links from the school website (eventually we can stream when the new website is developed)
  12. 12. Action Points Piggybank Team needs to develop a focus for their work and nominate a team with specified roles. Change the name!! How often will The Piggybank be published? (1xterm?) How often will Hardtalk be broadcast? (10-15mins long?) Studio location needs to be designated (IB centre?) T-shirt design (Mr Ryan?) A shadow team taken from Y9/10