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Q5 wjec media studies


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Useful for GCSE students...

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Q5 wjec media studies

  1. 1. ‘Taming the Web’ ‘ParallelNarratives’ Taken from: WJEC- GCSE Media Studies Section B: Fan Websites
  2. 2. Likely to appear Top of Google Searches? Informal,Rhyme Name of Site... text related! Link to Participatory Cultures WTF...the (Henry Jenkins) FCUK of 2011
  3. 3. Columned approach to avoid scrolling The HardUSP Your Design & Annotation Sell (Rosser Reeves) Reflect the musical genre via connotations and palette or icons
  4. 4. Viral Distribution as opposed to spreadable media- Possibility to link to official site?Dyer- Star ‘Illusion of ExplanationPersonas & Intimacy’ Parallel Narrative i-phone or Android? (Private/ Synergy? Public Personas
  5. 5. Intimate sense of address Viral Distribution Microblogging Live ‘Citizen’ Facebook Twitter Journalism More Videos Viewed Trending TopicsThan You Tube! (2010)
  6. 6. Institutional ContextGatekeeper Model- The Big 4/’Democratisation of Media’ Media Synergy Media Convergence Changing Role of A & R Parallel Narratives (Dyer) Web 3.0- ‘Taming the Internet’ Participatory Cultures (Jenkins) Web 2.0