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Judgement Day


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A keynote presentation designed to help ESF Film staff produce films for the 2010 ESF Film Awards .

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Judgement Day

  1. 1. Judgement Day!!!! The ESF Film Awards 27/4/10
  2. 2. Categories: Primary ✤ Persuasive TV Commercial ✤ Documentary ✤ Silent Film ✤ Best Special Effects ✤ Best Foreign Language Film ✤ Best Film
  3. 3. Categories: Secondary ✤ Y7-9 Advertisement Award ✤ Y10-11 KS4/MYP Secondary Award
  4. 4. Categories: IB Film/Digital Media ✤ Best cinematographer ✤ Best sound design/original composition ✤ Best editor ✤ Best director ✤ Best script-writer
  5. 5. Categories: General Awards ✤ Best Collaborative Film ✤ Best Foreign Language Film ✤ Best Film
  6. 6. Best Persuasive TV Commercial & Best KS3 Advertisement ✤ A sense of target audience ✤ Brand awareness ✤ Appropriate use of sound (can we hear the dialogue?) and editing ✤ Emerging sense of advertising convention ✤ How much original content? ✤ Persuasive techniques (Use of comedy, slogans, narrative, product placement, Before/After appeal, aspirational etc)
  7. 7. Best Documentary ✤ Use of documentary conventions (talking heads, voice of God, title anchors, handheld camera movement, straight cuts, archive footage) ✤ Informative with a clear subject matter ✤ Emerging awareness of realism ✤ May incorporate reality TV conventions?
  8. 8. Best Silent Film ✤ Conveys meaning without words ✤ Strong sense of narrative structure ✤ Appropriate use of soundtrack (if used at all) ✤ May have emphasis on C/U shots conveying emotion or slapstick comedy conventions...visual humour
  9. 9. Best Special Effects ✤ Technical expertise in the construction of film ✤ The use of impressive visuals to support the narrative ✤ Innovative use of technical application ✤ Acknowledgement that staff support is required in this category!
  10. 10. Best Collaborative Film ✤ Inclusion of Individual Needs students in the pre-production, production or post-production process. Clearly staff support is necessary. ✤ ‘A possible day in the life‘ narrative structure? ✤ Showcase the work of Individual Needs Departments ✤ A short film which showcases the the theme of ‘collaboration‘
  11. 11. Best Foreign Language Film ✤ Has purpose, which links into foreign language curriculum ✤ Possibly links to the culture of the target language ✤ Good use of subtitles, which does not detract from engagement with the text ✤ A strong sense of narrative purpose of generic convention
  12. 12. Best KS3 Advertising Award ✤ A clear sense of target audience ✤ ‘Lines of appeal’ to engage the audience ✤ Concise in structure ✤ Has a purpose as a production ✤ Technically skilled in the employment of sound, editing, cinematography etc. ✤ Original (non-copyrighted soundtrack)
  13. 13. Best KS4/MYP Award ✤ Original (non-copyright) soundtrack ✤ Strong sense of appropriate codes and conventions for choice of genre ✤ Appropriate narrative structure for chosen genre area ✤ Understanding of representational codes ✤ Engaging with a clear sense of target audience ✤ Appropriate editing & cinematography for choice of genre
  14. 14. Best Cinematographer ✤ Aesthetically pleasing or appropriate to conventions of genre (e.g. Neorealism or Naturalism) ✤ Choice of camera angles help to convey meaning ✤ Appropriate choice of lighting, including manipulation of light or good use of natural lighting ✤ Not breaking the 180 degree rule unless for deliberate purposes (e.g. Godard style)
  15. 15. Best Director ✤ The most difficult category to judge! ✤ Is the film cohesive, are there any obvious problems that should have been addressed by the director? ✤ Is the overall film engaging and has appropriate use of generic conventions been displayed? ✤ Any anecdotal evidence to consider (Director’s vision, director’s ability to double up in other production roles when required, including that of producer)
  16. 16. Best Sound Designer ✤ No horrible jumps in sound caused by not fading/mixing sound at the end and start of shots. Good use of both diegetic and non-diegetic sound. ✤ Original/appropriate and engaging soundtrack...composed by the sound-designer if possible. ✤ Good use of folio noises, such as doors shutting, footsteps (footsteps on gravel) and creaking doors. ✤ Use of clean sound ✤ Appropriate choices of location to avoid unwanted sound
  17. 17. Best Editor ✤ Appropriate use of invisible/seamless editing when appropriate ✤ Use of cutaway shots to convey meaning ✤ Appropriate choice of transitions, including the choice not to use them! ✤ A sense of 2-shot and perspective shot conventions... ✤ Choice of cut to convey meaning (e.g. Montage style juxtaposition of images) ✤ Appropriate use of Motion, Effects & Color when needed
  18. 18. Best Script-Writer ✤ Engaging narrative structure with an awareness of transverse waves, rule of 3 unities (Time, place and action) or appropriate narrative structure for genre conventions (e.g. Todorov, Propp, Barthes etc) ✤ Dialogue appropriate to the generic conventions and authentic where necessary. Does the dialogue suspend disbelief? ✤ Strong characterisation where possible, including a sense of appropriate archetypes. May include some challenges to convention? A sense of representational codes will be included.