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Warehouse based Intelligent Banking Transaction Analysis System


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Warehouse based Intelligent Banking Transaction Analysis System

  1. 1. BY Bibek Subedi (066 BCT 506) Dinesh Subedi (066 BCT 512) Jivan Nepali (066 BCT 517) Laxmi Kadariya (066 BCT 518)
  2. 2. BACKGROUND  Data warehousing ? is the process of data asset acquisition, organization, and management.  Decision Support ? is the application of managed data assets to business and clinical decision making needs to achieve business intelligence  Business Intelligence (BI) ? is the transformation of data into information, and through discovery, transforming that information into knowledge
  3. 3. NEED OF BI IN BANKING SECTOR OF NEPAL Competitive Market High Churn Rates Massive Data Collection
  4. 4. ATM CARD SKIMMING & COUNTERFEIT CARD FRAUD A smaller skimmer that looks just like a normal card entry slot and attached to the ATM rain cover.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES Debit card fraud detection Customer churn behavior prediction CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with customer segmentation
  7. 7. PLATFORM & TOOLS ETL Tool: Korn Shell (ksh) Scripting Database: Oracle 11g Presentation/ Front-end Tool: OBIEE 11g Project Management Tool: Redmine Version Control Tool: Subversion (svn)