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NEPA BlogCon 2014: Session 8 - Elizabeth Guerrero, Radiant Abandon


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Presenter: Elizabeth Guerrero, Radiant Abandon
Title: Facebook, Your Followers, and Your Business: How to Go from “It's Complicated” to “Engaged”

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NEPA BlogCon 2014: Session 8 - Elizabeth Guerrero, Radiant Abandon

  1. 1. Facebook, Your Followers, and Your Business: How to Go from “It's Complicated” to “Engaged” by Elizabeth Guerrero
  2. 2. How can I use Facebook to grow my business in an authentic, relationships-based way?
  3. 3. Let’s talk about … • building real relationships to increase the involvement of your network in your business. • bringing real-world, old-fashioned interactions into the modern, social media platform. 1. YOU as Your Personal Brand 2. Engaging Your Network 3. Good Facebook Karma
  4. 4. You As Your Personal Brand
  5. 5. Your Brand is YOU • What are you selling? – YOU! Your story, your personality, your lifestyle. • People don't take action in your business because of the thing … they take action because of the underlying value that you represent with your personal brand. BE SOMETHING that people will want to be a part of.
  6. 6. What’s YOUR Personal Brand? • What VALUES do you want people to associate with you and your business? – Me: Community, financial freedom, FUN, flexibility, richness of life • What EMOTIONS do you want people to feel when they're involved with your business? – Me: Excited, inspired, purposeful, connected, in control of destiny Those are the things you want to represent on Facebook.
  7. 7. Engaging People in Your Business with Conversation
  8. 8. Engagement on Facebook • What’s the goal of Facebook engagement? – To sell? – To woo – to make them fall in love with your personal brand. • Why? – Two-way business interactions  conversation vs. pitching – Visibility on news feed – Expands your network
  9. 9. Personal Brand  Engagement • Identifying your personal brand helps you know how to engage • Flip your perspective – from products, sales, and numbers – to conversations and PEOPLE • THIS skill is the antidote to annoying “buy this, check this out, please please please” type posts.
  10. 10. Don’t Post an Update, Start a Conversation • Simple 3-Step Process 1. What is the “thing” you want to promote through your post? 2. What emotions/values/experiences does that thing represent? 3. Start a convo about #2 with a link or photo to #1. • Ask for an opinion/advice • Invite people to share a story • Take a survey Be YOU and engage people on what really matters to you and to the people you want to connect with.
  11. 11. Practicing Good Facebook Karma
  12. 12. Give What You Want • Be a giver, not a taker –Engage, be interested, add value • Connect with other businesses –Collaboration over competition • Guest post on NEPA BlogCon
  13. 13. Let’s Connect! Instagram: @eliztguerrero