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Ladder Of Abstraction


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Published in: Technology, Education

Ladder Of Abstraction

  1. 2. Curse of Knowledge
  2. 3. Disclamer
  3. 4. The Ladder of Abstraction <ul><li>Content based in part on the book Language in Thought and Action by S.I. Hayakawa </li></ul>
  4. 5. Most speeches are boring.
  5. 6. We don’t want to give boring speeches.
  6. 7. There is a way to bring even the dullest topic to life.
  7. 8. Understanding of the ladder of abstraction can help win rounds.
  8. 9. What is the ladder of abstraction?
  9. 11. The generic word “cow” is one level up on the ladder.
  10. 12. Bessie Cow Livestock Farm Asset Asset Money
  11. 13. Stay away from “Dead Level Abstracting!”
  12. 14. Some people get buried in the details.
  13. 15. Other people get stuck in the clouds of abstraction.
  14. 16. The key to good communication is the dynamic interplay between the levels of abstraction.
  15. 17. Part 2 How to use the abstraction ladder win more rounds.
  16. 25. Tell Stories
  17. 26. Dictionaries do not give words their meanings! Extensional Intentional
  18. 27. Take definitions into the clouds.
  19. 28. Form a definition loop around the other team.
  20. 29. Debate speeches are often boring and ineffective.
  21. 30. Neglecting the abstraction ladder can cause boring & ineffective speeches.
  22. 31. Using the ladder of abstraction correctly can give you an edge.