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Automation using RobotFramework for embedded device


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In this talk at #rootconf 2014, Sriram talks about his experience in designing an internal test automation framework. He also shares his experience and insights in using Robot framework for KDT and DDT test automation.

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Automation using RobotFramework for embedded device

  1. 1. Automation using Robot Framework for embedded device
  2. 2. Problems faced by small teams while building embedded device ●Automate R&D ●Testing a device at various time of day ●Field testing ●Long duration testing
  3. 3. Automate R&D
  4. 4. Field testing
  5. 5. Long Duration Test Sponsored by Redbull
  6. 6. Automation first approach ● TDD -Test driven Development ● Philosophy : Tell a computer what to do , Not a human ● Reality : raise a bug and work towards it if not automatable immediatley
  7. 7. Automation driven testing ● KDT – Key driven testing ● DDT – Data driven testing ● BDT – Behaviour driven testing
  8. 8. Robot Framework ● ● open source python ● growing libraries ● Jenkins , Maven , Ant plugins
  9. 9. Robot Framework ● Change dongles ● Verify builds
  10. 10. Q&A @neosrix , CEO, Watchy Technology