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10 rules for smart city success


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We have collected the most important principles for the success of a smart city project

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10 rules for smart city success

  1. 1. 3.�SHARE THE VISION �The most important allies in the implementation of the bold vision will be convinced residents, entrepreneurs, representatives of non- governmental organizations and other stakeholders. The changes will be carried out effectively by an open and professional leader. 10 Rules�for�Smart City Success� M A K I N G C I T I E S F U L L O F L I F E 1. TAKE CARE OF�DEVELOPMENT Technology must first and foremost serve the development and quality of life of city's residents. Mostly they know what they need. The city's role is to create opportunities, including where necessary, legal, institutional, organizational and financial frameworks for the development of all its stakeholders.� 2. INTEGRATE Connect existing resources. Collaborate around the idea of smart city on many levels and with many stakeholders from municipal units, to civic, business, scientific and research environments. Cooperation is needed at every stage of the smart city's operation, with particular emphasis on the stage of strategic planning and actions for social acceptance.� 4. TAKE CARE FOR RESOURCES� Smart city strives for efficient energy management, use of renewable energy sources, reduction of long-term operating costs and a circular economy. Also build a base of talents and competences, because they are the lever of development and the fuel of future growth! 5.�SHARE DATA Many innovations, business solutions and improvements to the functioning of the city will arise when all interested people can easily use the data processed and collected by the city. SmartCityPolska CONTACT SMART CITIES POLSKA! 7. EXPERIMENT Boldly embrace new technological solutions, working with business and social partners. Test them in small steps on selected parts of the city and its organization. Look after the synergy of solutions. 6.�BUILD TRUST The city is a reliable host of sharing economy platforms. Support creativity by providing a grassroots initiatives (such as students projects, NGOs, communities of interest) city assets such as: spaces for meetings, data sets, and city media channels free of charge. 8. MONITOR, CORRECT, CO-DECIDE Choose key development indicators, define goals, analyze and correct actions. Co-create satisfaction with city residents, collect opinions and use them. Support new ways of social dialogue and participation. 9. FACILITATE ACCESS All means of transport, city space and municipal services should be created in a manner that is friendly to people with various limitations.� 10.�COOPERATE! Smart cities connect online and share their experiences. Cooperation and good communication between all stakeholders is necessary for intelligent development. Visionary and coordinator of Smart Cities Polska MATEUSZ JAROSIEWICZ