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Energy saving belt conveyors

Neo conveyors are manufacturer of Energy saving Belt conveyors.our specific design make conveyors economical and robust.
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Energy saving belt conveyors

  1. 1. Energy saving Belt Conveyor The Belt Conveyor is a machine, which can continuously transport material. The transmission principle of friction to drive the material through the roller and the tape. The belt conveyors are widely used in metallurgy, coal, hydro power, building material , chemical industries and various other sectors. The Belt Conveyors as we know is very convenient, a friendly machine easily operated with least exertion making transportation of bulk material easier and packed material convenient. The conveyor is a continuous traction transport by the conveyor belt, which works in two ways, as a carrying device that can transport ore, coal and other bulk materials and also packaged into items. Because of its transport capacity and small transport resistance, low maintenance, stable operation, minimum damage I any, and particularly low consumption of power is making the Belt Conveyor a very popular machine among various sectors. Neo Conveyors are indulged into the same.
  2. 2. Energy Efficient Motor There is probably not as much efficiency loss as you think in running conveyor motors. Conveyors may be equipped with NEMA Design C (high starting torque) motors or NEMA Design B motors that were intentionally oversized as they were selected based upon starting torque and not normal operation criteria. High locked rotor or start-up torque is required to start a fully-loaded conveyor from a stopped condition. Outdoor conveyors might also be iced up. If inadequate starting torque is not available, the motor(s) will stall and trip the overcurrent breakers. The power required under normal operation to transport materials is a function of conveyor loading, Conveyor speed, lift (elevation gain), and friction losses in the conveyor rollers.
  3. 3. Selection of Energy Efficient Gear Box No Type Normal Ratio Range Efficiency Range 1 Spur 1:1 to 6:1 94-98% 2 Straight Bevel 3:2 to 5:1 93-97% 3 Spiral Bevel 3:2 to 4:1 95-99% 4 Worm 5:1 to 75:1 50-90% 5 Hypoid 10:1 to 200:1 80-95% 6 Helical 3:2 to 10:1 94-98% 7 Cycloid 10:1 to 100:1 75% to 85%
  4. 4. Neo Conveyors G-414,UPSIDC PHASE-II,M.G ROAD IND AREA,GHAZIABAD,U.P-201015,INDIA M +91-9654112235 / 9654112236 /