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Resumen "Mobile Strategy" Por Jurgita Sarkovaite


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Jurgita Sarkovaite, Project Manager de Neo Consulting, nos invita a leer el libro "Mobile Strategy" de Dirk Nicol mediante la siguiente reseña.

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Resumen "Mobile Strategy" Por Jurgita Sarkovaite

  1. 1.   Resumen del Libro “Mobile Strategy: How your company can win by embracing Mobile Technologies” de Dirk Nicol A continuación se presenta un breve resumen en inglés de Jurgita Sarkovaite sobre el libro “Mobile Strategy: How your company can win by embracing mobile technologies”, escrito por Dirc Nicol’s. Este libro viene a ser una guía muy práctica para aquellos que buscan conocer cómo aplicar una exitosa estrategia para aplicaciones móviles, tomando en cuenta los objetivos y la situación actual de la compañía. Por: Jurgita Sarkovaite Normally, when I take a new marketing book to read, whether mobile, or not, I already expect to find a coverage of a lot of different topics, an author somehow sliding through the surface of each, illustrating them with a series of success stories. I do really have nothing against such kind of books. When it is one’s first book in the field, it will give you a general understanding of what it is all about the subject and what you could theoretically do with it. But when it comes to get deeper into it, that is where most of the books fail. Luckily, Dirk Nicol’s managed to surprise me, focusing almost exclusively on the Mobile App Strategy Creation through the whole book and ignoring another part of mobile technology uses. That’s right, app strategy, a term so little used when talking about mobile apps, is one of the core issues discussed. The book, which is a practical guide structured in a logical sequence to introduce the trends in the mobile app marketing, offers the most common uses of them for business purposes and suggesting few ways to employ mobile app wave according to the type of the business and its specific objectives respectively. It dives deeper and deeper into the subject, guiding the reader through the new concepts and technical solutions, disclosing the full image and the scale of the mobile applications and their potential usage in business. 618-­9494 T: (511) 421-­1090 / T: (511) 421-­1090 / 618-­9494
  2. 2.   Although the book might seem too techie for marketers, as we are not generally familiar with most of the technological processes and requirements, this is compensated by one of my preferred aspects of the book - the strategic point of view by the author, that mobile is integrated through all the company channels, and is not analyzed separately, but contributes to the overall processes, responsibilities and outcomes. Basic, You’d say? Maybe, however the reality we are facing is that still mobile is seen as some new niche technology instead of transcending experience all along the business process. Finally, if you are still thinking whether Mobile Strategy is worth reading, I would recommend doing some homework beforehand and go through the actual situation in your company. Do you already have a mobile app? What business goals do you want to achieve with it?... Remember, it’s much more a practical guide than the subject overview, so take the full advantage out of it. At the end of the day, it’s not about mobile; it’s all about business and how to make it better. Happy reading! 618-­9494 T: (511) 421-­1090 / T: (511) 421-­1090 / 618-­9494