PRX IMA webinar: Mobile May Be Public Media's Chance to Lead


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My slides from the talk.

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PRX IMA webinar: Mobile May Be Public Media's Chance to Lead

  1. 1. Leapfrogthoughts about public radio content, services and mobile Matt MacDonald Director, Project Management @PRX @neocMatt
  2. 2. Are we digitalstepchildren? maybe, sort of, I guess it depends on who “we” is
  3. 3. A few get there ~earlybut often treat the technology as a new distribution platform for existing content
  4. 4. A quick review of history from satellites to apps
  5. 5. Satellites1979 the Public Radio Satellite System came online it’s in space, that’s high tech
  6. 6. WWW August 6th, 1991 the first-ever website is publishedIn 1994 comes online - thanks @Tom_Godell
  7. 7. PodcastsIn September 2003 Dave Winer andChristopher Lydon started podcasting
  8. 8. Mobile AppsIn July 10, 2008 the Apple App Store opens and in December 2008 the Public Radio Tuner Player is available
  9. 9. Opportunities in mobile A quick overview of options
  10. 10. High Cost Custom & New Music Mine, Radiolab by PRX Turnkey / Platform PRX, jacAPPS, Listener InteractiveLow Effort High Effort Mobile Web Wordpress, Drupal, Twitter Bootstrap Aggregators Public Radio Player, TuneIn, NPR, WunderRadio Low Cost App options @PRX Matt MacDonald @neocMatt
  11. 11. AggregatorsPublic Radio Player, TuneIn, NPR News, WunderRadioLarge install base and millions of active users, minimal control and insight intohow people are interacting.Mobile websitesDrupal, Wordpress, Core Publisher, Twitter Bootstrap, InitializerHigh degree of customization and control. Great for ‘sideways traffic’. No store/market presence.Turnkey appsPRX, Listener Interactive, jacApps, RedFoundry, MobileRoadieApp store visibility, better listening experience, faster time to market, revenue potential(ads/paid), analytics.
  12. 12. A case for new products or why you should think beyond the app version of your website
  13. 13. January 2012234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices “We need to think clearly about the impediments to audience growth and how we might break through them. We need both the big picture and a micro focus. Every station, every state.” Mark Vogelzang Former President, Vermont Public Radio Public radio listeners Public radio on mobile
  14. 14. Grow the audiencehow many more hours of listening and reading should we expect?
  15. 15. Apps are more than just a new way to deliver your existing programs and news content “The fundamental purpose of public service media is to provide programs and services that inform, enlighten, and enrich the public.”
  16. 16. What if stations built products like this? Save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends Choose the best financial advisor from the largest financial advisor directory.Dont rely on bus schedules! "Catch Buy Know What and get immediateThe Bus" makes use of GPS trackers access to 200 favorite places and beston each bus to give you an accurate kept secrets in each city were in –prediction for when the next bus will currently greater LA and SF, with Newarrive at your stop. York, Chicago, Boston.
  17. 17. Apps are products that can solve new problems by solving new problems we can grow audience and deepen engagement with existing consumers
  18. 18. Apps can be expensive much-does-it-cost-to-develop-an-iphone- application
  19. 19. But can be profitableEach day TAL sells 300 iPhone apps, 50 iPad apps a day :: profit: $2.09 and $3.49
  20. 20. Many competitors
  21. 21. Some practical advicebefore you consider a new mobile app make sure you’ve done the basics
  22. 22. Make sure your streamsare in the aggregator apps app companies have highly skilled staff and spend tons of money to create the best experience, take advantage of that
  23. 23. TuneInPublic Radio PlayerNPRWunderRadioothers...
  24. 24. Make your site work better on mobile devicesReview your website analytics, how many people are coming from mobile devices? Are they getting the best experience possible?
  25. 25. Wordpress theme Drupal theme Core Publisher Twitter BootstrapTake advantage of platforms/code that provide a great mobile experience
  26. 26. HTML5 audio Don’t use flash for audio playback
  27. 27. APIs are best RSS is better HTML is worthlessYou can’t build anything interesting without an API. Every app that we’ve built uses APIs. Many were created just for the app.
  28. 28. Apps for this HTML5 for that Apps currently provide the best listening experience, offline/downloading,scrubbing, bookmarking. HTML5 features are closing the gap but features like cameras, video and audio recording are still best done natively for now.
  29. 29. So you want an appYou’re in the aggregators, have a great mobile website, using HTML5 audio tags, and are using a turnkey app. What’s next?
  30. 30. Apps are productsThey exist in marketplaces, with competitors, they are not just a new distribution platform
  31. 31. Building something newLook at what you do now, are there parts of your station that can be teased out and grown into a new product?
  32. 32. Talk with your listeners Talk with small groups, perform surveys, look at popular web content
  33. 33. Look at your community examples: KPBS military, WBUR healthcare, WNYC fashion/finance
  34. 34. Use existing expertiseStations are great at curating, look at what you focus on now. do you cover financial issues? health care? farming? education?
  35. 35. Identify a problem thatblends with your expertise Which emergency room should I go to? where is the nearest food bank? what is for school lunch today?
  36. 36. Before starting, does thesolution require an app?If you’ve identified a need or problem to be solved can a mobile site do the job? How will having an app benefit the product?
  37. 37. Scalable problemsYou are not bound to your location, solve a problem for hundreds of thousands or millions
  38. 38. Test ideasDon’t build the app right away, test the idea first
  39. 39. You already have audience Cross-promote and use the microphone to announce new products
  40. 40. Find partnersLook to people you have existing relationships with
  41. 41. Summary
  42. 42. 1. Apps are a way to grow new audience
  43. 43. 2. Treat your app as a product
  44. 44. Mobile is an opportunity for stations togrow audience in non-traditional ways.It’s a new playground and a laboratory,one where public media should be tryingnew things, new products, new models. Ihope I see your new products on theshelf.