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Market Analysis - Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality


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A comprehensive market analysis completed in 2016 which formed the basis of new VR solution that is being built by the team. A good read for some one who is looking to get a head start

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Market Analysis - Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

  1. 1. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality? Market Study Research Analysis
  2. 2. Technology Technologies Analyzed Oculus Rift HTC Vive Project Morph- eus OSVR HDK VR/AR
  3. 3. All about Software  All of the development is based around the game engine used.  Unity and Unreal are the main choices  The SDKs involved allow for interfacing the game engine with the specific product.  Only Hololens has an emulator.
  4. 4. Snapshot of Comparison Devices Oculus Rift HoloLens HTC Vive Tango Samsung Gear Price - Stand Alone $599.00 $3,000.00 $799.00 <500 $100.00 Price - w ith Estim ated Additions $1,999.00 $3,000.00 $1,999.00 - $900.00 Receive Date Jul-16 Jul-16 Jul-16 summer 2016 Jul-16 Capabilities VR AR?+VR AR?+VR AR VR Independent Operation No Yes No Yes No Portability No Yes No Yes Yes Required Hardw are Pow erful Computer None Pow erful Computer Just the device Samsung Phone S6 or Note 5 and Above SDK Ow n Ow n OpenVR Unity and java API or C API Andriod SDK/ Cardboard SDK SDK Com plexity Controller Controller(xbox) Included + In house Controller Under Development Controller Included but not needed Motion Controller(free) None Controller to be Purchased (~50) Headphones Included Included Included Not included Not Included Weight 0.82 lbs (370 g) Ease of building new applications Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Features Display 2160 x 1200 pixel HUE(heads up display) 2160 x 1200 pixel 7.02" 1920x1200 Based on Phone, w ill be low er than the phone Immersion Complete Partial Complete Complete Voice Control No Yes No No No Interface Gestures,Gaze,Voice,controller Pose: orientatio in 6 DOF Gestures No Yes No No No Field Of View 110 Complete 110 120 96 Refresh Rate 90Hz N/A 90Hz 60Hz Precision Tracking 360 N/A 360 360/Yes No Chaperone System No N/A Yes No No Tracking Area 5x11 N/A 15x15 Yes None Sensors IMU + Constellation An array of sensors, 18 sensors IMU, laser position sensor, front-facing camera , 36 sensors Motion tracking, depth sensor, accelerometre, gyroscope,GPS, compass IMU + Proximity OS Pow erful Computer Ow n - HPU Pow erful Computer Android 4.4 kitkat Phone
  5. 5. Pugh Matrix Scale : 0 - Not present at all; feature not demonstrat ed or seen 1: Can be implemente d for applications if needed 2: Feature works minimally 3: Feature exceeds expectation s
  6. 6. Use Cases
  7. 7. Use Cases of Oculus Rift 02 04 0605 03 01 Gaming Social Networking Marketing Architecture Modelling and Designing 360 Virtual Tourism Big Data Analysis Stock Market See Ancient Rome and Colosseum Virtual Tour of College Campus Real Estate Virtual Tour Big data visualization, identify trends and see in 3D Bloomberg terminals in Virtual Reality Access Facebook and Netflix using Rift Lowe’s Room – visualize rooms and place things 3D Object Modelling - Spider Creation of 3D buildings Wells Fargo Marketing Star Trek Gaming Using Virtuix Omni – makes you a part of the game Wells Fargo Article on Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ride First Medical Surgery Immersive Space Exploration to Mars - NASA Online Education - Jackson College A cross reality system which combines real and virtual world. Stress and Anxiety Therapy AltaSpace VR – your computer in virtual reality High Fidelity Real time shopping
  8. 8. Immersive Gaming Wider potential for non- gaming applications – 3D models, simulations, marketing Fast head tracking performance, adjustable focus Gamers, early adopters of technology, age 20-30 years, males, people’s willingness to spend, researchers, Facebook Branding Value Proposition – Oculus Rift
  9. 9. Market Feedback – Oculus Rift  Looks and feels like a highly refined product  Exclusivity with some excellent games  Quick and easy setup  Lack of motion controllers, still not released  Mostly a stationary experience so far. What’s Good? What’s Bad?
  10. 10. Use Cases of HoloLens 02 04 0605 03 01 Science and Education Social Networking Marketing Architecture Modelling and DesigningTraining and Inspection Big Data Analysis & Stock Market Japanese Airlines: Training Airbus: Inspection Citi Bank: AR for stock trading Skype: Live video chat with AR Lowe’s Room Volvo Volvo customer relationship Case Western Reserve University Dartmouth University: Education of visually Impaired Auto Desk Trimble NUI graph: App for windows 10 (WIP) NASA: Sidekick project NASA: Mars to Earth program Mixed and Augmented Reality games
  11. 11. Three-dimensional holograms blended with your real world Remote training and support, first-responder emergency management, virtual conferences Interactive art and media, human-computer interaction and data visualization Offered to enterprises and normal users alike Microsoft Branding Value Proposition – HoloLens
  12. 12. Market Feedback – HoloLens  Gaze and gesture control are very responsive  Spatial audio  Self-contained, no bulky wires or system  Narrow Angle for viewing  Lack of consistency in picking up control inputs What’s Good? What’s Bad?
  13. 13. Use Cases of Samsung Gear VR 02 04 03 01 Gaming Social Networking Car Selection 360 Virtual Tourism Virtual Test Ride with Audi Virtual Tour In flight movie facility for first class passengers Watch YouTube Videos in 3D Watch movies on Netflix Superman roller coaster at Six Flags Play Avengers game AltaSpace VR – your computer in virtual reality
  14. 14. Immersive Gaming Watching movie and TV shows with the same effects Fast head tracking performance, adjustable focus Gamers, early adopters of technology, All market segments who use PhoneSamsung Branding – compatible with phone Value Proposition – Samsung Gear
  15. 15. Use Cases of HTC Vive 02 04 03 01 Gaming Entertainment Car Manufacturing and Testing Education Gaming experience and combine real and virtual world Biology made simpler Crime Scenes to Court Room BMV Go Skin to create virtual illustrations Audi Disney Trailers made in VR AltaSpace VR – your computer in virtual realityHigh Fidelity Real time shopping
  16. 16. Room-scale VR, immersive feel Mix of AR+VR Doesn’t include add-ons Gamers, early adopters of technology Gaming,entertainment, education Value Proposition – HTC Vive
  17. 17. Market Feedback – HTC Vive  Room Scale VR makes for a Fun experience  Chaperone and Front facing Camera  Good Motion Tracking + Motion Tracking Controls  Partnership with Steam – a very common game platform  Bulky and aesthetically lacking  Getting started is cumbersome  Many of the games feel unfinished What’s Good? What’s Bad?
  18. 18. Use Cases of Project Tango 02 04 0605 03 01 Gaming Environment Mapping Marketing Architecture Modelling and Designing Education and Learning Motion Tracking 6 Degree of freedom games Lowe’s: Complete AR app for home needs Way Fair: AR for home design Museum experience using AR Solar simulator at scale using AR Indoor navigation and learning surroundings Aisle411 – Shopping made easier for Walgreens Carnegie Mellon: Gotan project to learn NASA: To send robots and make safe for humans Matterport helps to learn the area Morrison Utility services calculates depth and volume to excavate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles configurator by Accenture Target launched bullseye playground for retail experience
  19. 19. Offers AR platform Maps indoors by motion tracking and area learning. Motion tracking allows to trace a path or teach routes. Area description file of the store can be used to navigate directly to products Tango aims to reach every segment in the market by launching it on phones Value Proposition – Project Tango
  20. 20. Market Feedback – Project Tango  Impressive Hardware  Object mapping is fast and accurate  Positional Tracking is well ahead of competition  Great amounts of Potential  Lacks impressive apps to put it over the top What’s Good? What’s Bad?