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Neo4j PartnerDay Amsterdam 2017


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Rik Van Bruggen, Neo Technology

Published in: Technology
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Neo4j PartnerDay Amsterdam 2017

  1. 1. Welcome to the Neo4j Partner Day! Amsterdam, March 16th, 2017
  2. 2. 10:30 - 11:00 - Registration & Networking 11:00 - 11:45 - Business potential for Graph Database Partners, Rik Van Bruggen, Neo Technology 11:45 - 12:30 - Real world applications with Neo4j, Kees Vegter, Neo Technology 12:30 - 12:45 - Neo4j Partner Program Overview, Erik Nolten, Neo Technology 12:45 - 13:00 - Q&A 13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch & Networking AGENDA:
  3. 3. Business Potential for Partners with
  4. 4. Complexity
  5. 5. The Internet (oT)
  6. 6. Life
  7. 7. Domain Model Logistics Process
  8. 8. Traditional Approach: Fixed Schema, Tables
  9. 9. Graph Model: Nodes & Relationships Container Load USING_CARRIER Vessel Physical Container Container Load Shipment Carrier Emission Class A Shipment Carrier Route 10520km Route 823km Fueling Max Wgt 80 Type Gas B Town: Tokyo Town: Hong Kong Town: Hamburg Container LoadContainer LoadContainer Load Parcel Weight 15.5kg
  10. 10. Intuitiveness
  11. 11. A Naturally Adaptive Model vs Fixed Schema Flexibility
  12. 12. “We found Neo4j to be literally thousands of times faster than our prior MySQL solution, with queries that require 10-100 times less code. Today, Neo4j provides eBay with functionality that was previously impossible.” - Volker Pacher, Senior Developer “Minutes to milliseconds” performance Queries up to 1000x faster than other tested database types Speed
  13. 13. The Business Case for Graph Databases
  14. 14. Discrete Data Minimally connected data Neo4j is designed for data relationships Other NoSQL Relational DBMS Neo4j Graph DB Connected Data Focused on Data Relationships Development Benefits Easy model maintenance Easy query Deployment Benefits Ultra high performance Minimal resource usage Use the Right Database for the Right Job
  15. 15. Trend of DBMS categories
  16. 16. Innovation to be able to do things that were previously impossible
  17. 17. REAL-time to be able to do things immediately that were previously done overnight
  18. 18. AGILE to be able to do things in a flexible and adaptable way, that is ready for the future
  19. 19. COST-efficient require less hardware, less software, less bugs, less maintenance to deliver connected applications
  20. 20. WHY do BUSINESS with
  21. 21. 2000 2003 2007 2009 2011 2013 2014 20152012 GraphConnect, first conference for graph DBs First Global 2000 Customer Introduced first and only declarative query language for property graph Published O’Reilly book on Graph Databases First native graph DB in 24/7 production Invented property graph model Contributed first graph DB to open source Extended graph data model to labeled property graph 150-200+ customers 50-60K+ monthly downloads 500-600 graph DB events worldwide Neo4j: The Graph Database Leader 2016 2017 and beyond OpenCypher Industry partnerships Neo4j 3.X 250+ customers 65K+ monthly downloads Partner focus
  22. 22. “Forrester estimates that over 25% of enterprises will be using graph databases by 2017” “Neo4j is the current market leader in graph databases.” “Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions after the design of data capture.” IT Market Clock for Database Management Systems, 2014 TechRadar™: Enterprise DBMS, Q1 2014 Graph Databases – and Their Potential to Transform How We Capture Interdependencies (Enterprise Management Associates) Neo4j Leads the Graph Database Revolution
  23. 23. 2012 à 2017 May 10th-11th, London CONFERENCE + TRAINING
  25. 25. Dutch customers include
  26. 26. Graph Based Success
  27. 27. Real-Time Recommendations Fraud Detection Network & IT Operations Knowledge Management Graph Based Search Identity & Access Management Common Graph Use Cases
  28. 28. Background • Amsterdam-based global leader in mapping and navigation products • 4000 employees and 56 offices in 37 countries • Offers GPS and map service, plus consumer, automotive, licensing, telematics products and devices Solution and Benefits • Added Neo4j to existing architecture to power real-time routing algorithm • Embedded high availability Neo4j with semantic layer on top; core routing algorithms in Java • Average response fell from 40 to 5.2 seconds, with 100% RAI violations detected TomTom CONSUMER AND TRAVEL PRODUCTS Real-Time Routing and Recommendations 29 Business Problem • Optimize Restricted Access Island (RAI) algorithm to make better route recommendations • Need efficient geospatial index to speed routing • Maintain high performance and scale to handle request volumes
  29. 29. Internet of Things Business Problem • Support complex operational infrastructure collects, records and manages weather data across a wide network • Integrate with Splunk system that monitors remote instruments • Use graphs to query instrument network Solution and Benefits • Neo4j analyzes dependency graphs to produce exception reports • Neo4j and SPLUNK integrated tightly • Solution has enabled KNMI to re-architect and rebuild their entire operational infrastructure Background • The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) • Dutch national service with 1100+ weather measurement locations • Monitors and forecasts weather, climate, air quality and seismic activity Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute SCIENCES 30
  30. 30. Adidas Shared Meta Data Service 31 Knowledge Management Background • Global leader in sporting goods industry services firm footware, apparel, hardware, 14.5 bln sales, 53,000 people • Multitude of products, markets, media, assets and audiences Business Problem • Beset by a wide array of information silos including data about products, markets, social media, master data, digital assets, brand content and more • Provide the most compelling and relevant content to consumers • Offering enhanced recommendations to drive revenue Solution and Benefits • Save time and cost through stadardized access to content sharing-system with internal teams, partners, IT units, fast, reliable, searchable avoiding reduandancy • Inprove customer experience and increase revenue by providing relevant content and recommentations
  31. 31. Background • Mid-size German insurer founded in 1858 • Project executed by Delvin, a subsidiary of die Bayerische Versicherung and an IT insurance specialist Business Problem • Field sales needed easy, dynamic, 24/7 access to policies and customer data • Existing DB2 system unable to meet performance and scaling demands Solution and Benefits • Enabled flexible searching of policies and associated personal data • Raised the bar on industry practices • Delivered high performance and scalability • Ported existing metadata easily Die Bayerische Versicherung INSURANCE Knowledge Management33
  32. 32. Background • Leading European Airline • 100+ mln passengers • 2+ mln tons freight per year • 700+ aircrafts Business Problem • Need for flexible high performant Inflight Asset Management, onboard entertainment, byod • Complex data set: CMDB, CMS, Aircraft data feed, media library • Maintain individual configuration for each Aircraft • Complex data model, aircrafts, hardware, vitual containers, licenses, business rules, versions, content ... Solution and Benefits • Neo4j powers integrated platform that provides fast access to all aspects needed to maintain complex system • Fast implementation • Higly flexible data model enable constant evolution Lufthansa Digital Asset Mangagement 34 Graph Based Search, Knowledge Managment
  33. 33. Background • Toy Manufacturer, founded 80+ years ago, plastic figurines sold in 50+ countries • 100 Mio, 250 employees • Production Process in different countries like China • Polymer Processing, Children‘s toys, high responsibility Business Problem • Product related data stored in many different data stores including SAP, Navision, Laboratory Systems, Document Systems, Powerpoint, Excel.. • Hard to find correct answers for authorities, , internally, parents Solution and Benefits • Neo4j powers integrated platform that provides visibility across whole supply chain • Domain Experts create and evolve data model • Correct answers within seconds Schleich Product Information Management 35 Knowledge Management
  34. 34. Related products People who bought X also bought Y The main product Recommendations (In Real-Time)
  36. 36. Returns Purchase History Price-range Home delivery Inventory Express goods Complaints reviews Tweets Emails Category Promotions Bundling Location KITCHEN AID SERIES
  37. 37. Business Problem • Optimize user experience • Connect complex buyer and product data to gain super-fast insight into customer needs and product trends • RDBMS couldn’t handle complex queries Solution and Benefits • Replaced complex batch process real-time online recommendations • Built simple, real-time recommendation system with low-latency queries • Serve better and faster recommendations by combining historical and session data Background • Founded in 1962 and based in Arkansas • 11,000+ stores in 27 countries with online store • 2M+ employees and $470 billion in annual revenues Walmart RETAIL Real-Time Recommendations40
  38. 38. Background • One of the world’s largest logistics carriers • Projected to outgrow capacity of old system • New parcel routing system Single source of truth for entire network B2C and B2B parcel tracking Real-time routing: up to 7M parcels per day Business Problem • Needed 365x24x7 availability • Peak loads of 3000+ parcels per second • Complex and diverse software stack • Need predictable performance, linear scalability • Daily changes to logistics network: route from any point to any point Solution and Benefits • Ideal domain fit: a logistics network is a graph • Extreme availability, performance via clustering • Greatly simplified routing queries vs. relational • Flexible data model reflect real-world data variance much better than relational • Whiteboard-friendly model easy to understand Accenture LOGISTICS 41 Real-Time Routing Recommendations
  39. 39. Background • San Jose-based communications equipment giant ranks #91 in the Global 2000 with $44B in annual sales • Needed real-time recommendations to encourage knowledge base use on company’s support portal Solution and Benefits • Faster problem resolution for customers and decreased reliance on support teams • Scrape cases, solutions, articles et al continuously for cross-reference links • Provide real-time reading recommendations • Uses Neo4j Enterprise HA cluster Business Problem • Reduce call-center volumes and costs via improved online self-service quality • Leverage large amounts of knowledge stored in service cases, solutions, articles, forums, etc. • Reduce resolution times and support costs Cisco COMMUNICATIONS Real-Time Recommendations Solution Support Case Support Case Knowledge Base Article Message Knowledge Base Article Knowledge Base Article 42
  40. 40. Business Problem • Extremly complex individual pricing calculations • Moved from per month to per day calculation • Former system too slow, too inflexible Solution and Benefits • Huge performance increase through replacement of legacy system • 4 Core Laptop, 6% CPU usage provides better performance than 3 server 96 Core config with 80% CPU usage à „mind-blowing“ • Overcame internal hurdles by using embedded, application internal cache vs new database system Background • Largest Hospitality company worldwide • 4.500+ hotels à 6.500 700.000 rooms à1.5 Mln • 15 Bln eCommerce Sales 2015, #7 IDC rating internet sales Marriott Hospitality Real-Time Recommendations43
  41. 41. Identity Relationship ManagementIdentity Access Management Applications and data Endpoints People Customers (millions) Partners and Suppliers Workforce (thousands) PCs Tablets On-premises Private Cloud Public Cloud Things (Tens of millions) WearablesPhones PCs Customers (millions) On-premises Applications and data Endpoints People
  42. 42. Background • Oslo-based telcom provider is #1 in Nordic countries and #10 in world • Online, mission-critical, self-serve system lets users manage subscriptions and plans • availability and responsiveness is critical to customer satisfaction Business Problem • Logins took minutes to retrieve relational access rights • Massive joins across millions of plans, customers, admins, groups • Nightly batch production required 9 hours and produced stale data Solution and Benefits • Shifted authentication from Sybase to Neo4j • Moved resource graph to Neo4j • Replaced batch process with real-time login response measured in milliseconds that delivers real- time data, vw yday’s snapshot • Mitigated customer retention risks Identity and Access Management Telenor COMMUNICATIONS SUBSCRIBED_BY CONTROLLED_BY PART_OFUSER_ACCESS Account Customer CustomerUser Subscription 45
  43. 43. Background • Top investment bank with $1+ trillion in assets • Using a relational database and Gemfire to manage employee permissions to research document and application-service resources • Permissions for new investment managers and traders provisioned manually Business Problem • Lost an average of 5 days per new hire while they waited to be granted access to hundreds of resources, each with its own permissions • Replace an unsuccessful onboarding process implemented by a competitor • Regulations left no room for error Solution and Benefits • Store models, groups and entitlements in Neo4j • Exceeded performance requirements • Major productivity advantage due to domain fit • Graph visualization ease permissioning process • Fewer compromises than with relational • Expanded Neo4j solution to online brokerage UBS FINANCIAL SERVICES Identity and Access Management46
  44. 44. INVESTIGATE Revolving Debt Number of Accounts INVESTIGATE Normal behavior Fraud Detection with Discrete Analysis
  45. 45. Revolving Debt Number of Accounts Normal behavior Fraud Detection With Connected Analysis Fraudulent pattern
  46. 46. Background • Global financial services firm with trillions of dollars in assets • Varying compliance and governance considerations • Incredibly complex transaction systems, with ever- growing opportunities for fraud Business Problem • Needed to spot and prevent fraud detection in real time, especially in payments that fall within “normal” behavior metrics • Needed more accurate and faster credit risk analysis for payment transactions • Needed to dramatically reduce chargebacks Solution and Benefits • Lowered TCO by simplifying credit risk analysis and fraud detection processes • Identify entities and connections uniquely • Saved billions by reducing chargebacks and fraud • Enabled building real-time apps with non-uniform data and no sparse tables or schema changes London and New York Financial FINANCIAL SERVICES Fraud Detection s 49
  47. 47. Background • Panama based lawyers Mossack & Fonseca do business in hosting “letterbox companies” • Suspected to support tax saving and organized crime • Altogether: 2.6 TB, 11 milo files, 214.000 letter box companies Business Problem • Goal to unravel chains Bank-Person–Client– Address–Intermediaries – M&F • Earlier cases: spreadsheet based analysis (back- and-forth) & pencil to extract such connections • This case: sheer amount of data & arbitrarily chain length condemn such approaches to fail Solution and Benefits • 400 journalists, investigate/update/share, 2 people with IT background • Identify connections quickly and easily • Fast Results wouldn‘t be possible without GraphDB Panama Papers Fraud Detection Fraud Detection50
  48. 48. 10:30 - 11:00 - Registration & Networking 11:00 - 11:45 - Business potential for Graph Database Partners, Rik Van Bruggen, Neo Technology 11:45 - 12:30 - Real world applications with Neo4j, Kees Vegter, Neo Technology 12:30 - 12:45 - Neo4j Partner Program Overview, Erik Nolten, Neo Technology 12:45 - 13:00 - Q&A 13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch & Networking AGENDA:
  49. 49. Real World Applications with
  50. 50. The Partner Ecosystem for
  51. 51. Neo4j Partner program Erik Nolten, Neo4j partners
  52. 52. Sign up today @
  53. 53. Partner program options: Neo4j Member Neo4j Solution Partner Sales and Marketing Benefits Revenue sharing on sold subscriptions Neo4j Partner Logo Usage Referal fee on sold new supcription Listing on Partner Page Partner Portal Access Sales material and tools Technical Support and Education Access to Neo4j Support Access to training and certification program Training discount Priority Support Qualification and Partner Guidelines Complete and submit Neo Partner Agreement Two Annual new customer acquisition target 2 or more Certified Neo Consultants Organize Neo4j events Annual Partner Program Fee Free €1,500
  54. 54. Members vs. Solution Partners • Member: new to Neo4j, focused on services only • Solution Partner: • Invest in technical skills (certification), marketing, sales, etc • Multiple (repeatable) Neo4j projects • Drive revenue with Neo4j * requires partner agreement* 57
  55. 55. 58
  56. 56. Neo4j Training 59 Online & classroom training available Certification Exam Or
  57. 57. Neo4j Partner Portal 60 Lots of resources to help you kickstart your engagements with Neo4j
  58. 58. Lots of technical & other resources!
  59. 59. List of Partners: Europe (35)
  60. 60. Case Studies Library
  61. 61. Events, Developer Pages, Intro Videos ....
  62. 62. Contacts Rik Van Bruggen Regional Vice-President Kees Vegter Pre-sales engineer Jonny Cheetham Sales Manager Erik Nolten Partner Management
  63. 63. Let‘s work together... Partner Product Project SUCCESS! Customer
  64. 64. A Closer Look at Neo4j Editions Different Features Different Support Different Legal T&C’s
  65. 65. Q & A
  66. 66. 10:30 - 11:00 - Registration & Networking 11:00 - 11:45 - Business potential for Graph Database Partners, Rik Van Bruggen, Neo Technology 11:45 - 12:30 - Real world applications with Neo4j, Kees Vegter, Neo Technology 12:30 - 12:45 - Neo4j Partner Program Overview, Erik Nolten, Neo Technology 12:45 - 13:00 - Q&A 13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch & Networking AGENDA: