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Neo4j @ elisa, Teemu Nykänen, Elisa

Neo4j GraphTour 2019 - Customer Presentation:
Neo4j @ elisa, Teemu Nykänen, Elisa

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Neo4j @ elisa, Teemu Nykänen, Elisa

  1. 1. GraphTour Stockholm
  2. 2. • What Elisa does and why should you care • Network automation (zero touch included, no added sugar) • Beauty benefits of graph databases • Your guide today: • Teemu Nykänen, Service Architect ( Introduction
  3. 3. First in Finland and in the world 1882: 1929: 1936: 1950: 1991: 1993: 2007: 2010: 2011: 2015: 2019: Daniel Wadén brings the telephone to Finland. The telephone network in Helsinki is automated. The speaking clock service is introduced. The Helsinki Telephone Association builds a telephone network with four switchboards for the Olympic Games. A GSM telephone call is made over the Radiolinja network. A GSM data call takes place over the Radiolinja network. Thanks to the commercial UMTS900 network, the 3G network can be built quickly all over Finland. The 4G network taken into pre- commercial use. The Elisa Viihde service combines a modern TV service and the ability to watch recordings using a tablet. Elisa Internet of Things (IoT) service package launched in Finland and Estonia Commercial 5G
  4. 4. Elisa key figures 2.8 million customers, Finland and Estonia 25.4 (21.1) customer satisfaction (NPS) 2018 Approx. 185,000 shareholders 4,800 (4,700) Elisa employees #1 Finland, #2 Estonia market position €1.83 billion (1.79) revenue 2018 €1.95 (1.86) comparable earnings per share (EPS) 2018 €254 million (240) capital expenditure investments 2018 4.66 million (4.68) mobile subscriptions, Finland and Estonia 2018 696,500 (692,300) fixed broadband subscriptions 2018
  5. 5. Leading market position in Finland Mobile subscriptions Fixed network subscriptions Elisa 40% Telia 32% DNA 28% Elisa 35% Telia 29% ~20 Finnet companies 8% Others 2% DNA 26% Source: FICORA Source: Company reports Q3/2018 Post-paid market shares: Elisa 40%, Telia 34% and DNA 26%
  6. 6. Digital services for international markets Innovative managed services and solution provider for large enterpise video conferencing Providing automation solutions to telcos for zero-touch network processes Solution for manufacturers to enable better decisions, reduce downtime and improve quality
  7. 7. The best network, the best customer experience • We offer fast broadband connections implemented using the best possible technologies • Elisa’s 4G network covers 99.8% of Finland’s population • Connections up to 1 Gbit/s are available to more and more households • We are the first in world to build a 5G network, and soon we will offer 5G services to all Finns • We focus on quality and on continuously improving our customers’ user experience • We prevent disturbances with the help of automation
  8. 8. We have a cunning plan
  9. 9. • SDN with Elisa twist  Elisa Software-defined Networking • ”Facilitates network management and enables programmatically efficient network configuration in order to improve network performance and monitoring” • Not just for fancy things but also for devices  Hybrid networks Codename EDN
  10. 10. • Enables automation for network. From CLI towards Intent Driven network • Service activation/provisioning • ”Zero touch” functionality • Telemetry collection • Network optimization (closed loop with telemetry data and machine learning applied ) • Multivendor (and protocol) capable. (take the power back) • Multiple domains. IP/MPLS currently under construction • Building things for our own needs but also planning to make parts of it commercially available • Available from your local dealer at later in time and space • Situational awareness required Codename EDN
  11. 11. • Nothing to see here. Just some: • Nodes • Edges • Vertices • Connections • Required for true automation • Essential piece in the EDN puzzle • Graph database fits like a glove Network topology view (in real-time please)
  12. 12. • It’s alive! We’re in production with few services released. • Causal cluster filled with nodes and connections • One microservice to kill rule em’ all • Several data streams • Element managers • Network discovery • Telemetry events • Once more, automation. • Most of the graph is not exposed via UI • Sharing data for analytics, anomaly detection etc. State of a nation
  13. 13. Supermodels
  14. 14. • Around 1.3 million nodes and 1.9 million connections • To date, we have modelled: • Physical layer (which can also be virtual) • Part of the logical layer (portion of the services of IP/MPLS network) • To be continued… So far so good
  15. 15. • Other good graph databases in the market • We even have in-house experience of some of them • Querying and the power of Cypher • Not just a graph but native labelled property graph. • Maturity • In-house deployment Why neo4j?
  16. 16. • Elisa is awesome • Finns are using loads of data. Also beware of angry 5G. • Train it with automation instead of tight leash. • We sell things • Blackadder episode 3 from season 2 is brilliant • SDN is nice EDN is nicer • Cooler than being cool is ice cold. • Did I already mention automation? • Know your enemy network! Store it into graph, you won’t regret it. • Make nodes not tables Summary
  17. 17. Thank you! Follow our journey on Facebook (@elisasuomi) and Twitter (@ElisaOyj)