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Graphs in Telecommunications - Jesus Barrasa, Neo4j

Graphs in Telecommunications
Jesús Barrasa, Neo4j

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Graphs in Telecommunications - Jesus Barrasa, Neo4j

  1. 1. Graphs in Telecommunications Neo4j: The #1 Platform for Connected Data Dr. Jesús Barrasa Director Sales Engineering EMEA 16th June 2020 - Neo4j Online Vertical Summit Telecommunications
  2. 2. Neo4j: the Graph Platform
  3. 3. Why Graphs in Telco?
  4. 4. ”Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organisations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions“
  5. 5. “Give me solutions that provide me and my customers with accurate and timely visibility into the state of the network and the services riding on that network” Tier1 Service Provider (*) (*) Simplified view of a graph representation of a service based on the SID model (
  6. 6. “Graph data structures provide enormous advantages over relational databases overall. Ericsson has chosen to take this approach because of the tremendous advantage it has to service providers”(*) Graeme Jones. Strategic Product Manager (*)
  7. 7. (*) “Correlation of real-time events from the network, complemented by additional information such as network connectivity or topology. […] A database that natively supports graphs is optimal for capturing and implementing these functions”(*) HPE UCA Data Sheet
  8. 8. Challenges / Requirements Capture Complexity Allow Flexibility High Performance Bridge Business - IT gap Rich, Dynamic, human friendly Graph Model on a Native Graph Platform
  9. 9. Adoption Highlights Leading OSS Vendors Half of the leaders in the 2018 Gartner MQ for OSS embed Neo4j in their products 2 of the 3 world’s largest CSP use Neo4j in mission critical solutions Largest Telcos
  10. 10. Use Cases
  11. 11. IoT OSS / Operations Governance & Metadata Mgmnt Common Graph Use Cases in Telco Customer Experience Managemet BSS / Business Support
  12. 12. Network Facing - Operations • Unified Network Inventory • Network and Service Orchestration: Topology • Service Assurance: Fault Management • Planning, Traffic Intelligence • Performance and Quality Management and Analytics 13
  13. 13. Customer Facing - BSS • Knowledge Graph for enhanced customer support • Customer Segmentation • Identity and Access Mgmnt • Fraud detection 14 ABOUT RELATED ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ON_TOPIC OPENS TOPIC TOPIC SUPPORT TICKET SUPPORT TICKET CUSTOMER DOCUMENT ON_TOPIC OPENS ST_FOR CUSTOMER STATUS SUPPORT TICKET OPENS
  14. 14. Customer Experience Mgmnt • Customer 360 - KYC • Customer Journey Analysis • Personalisation / Recommendations 15 NEW_RELEASE NEXT SUBSCRIBES_TO Event Event Service Service Customer SUBSCRIBES_TO CHURN Customer Event SUBSCRIBES_TO Event NEXT FOR FO R Service SUBS NEW_RELEASE NEW_RELEASE Event NEXT Event FOR FOR SUBS SUBS
  15. 15. • Connected Home • Smart Cities • Manufacturing IoT 16
  16. 16. • Traceability / Data Lineage • Consent Management • GDPR Regulatory Compliance 17
  17. 17. Thanks! Questions?