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Air condition remote controller


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This is Trend Micro interview exercise.

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Air condition remote controller

  1. 1. Re-Design Air condition remote controller Neo Hsieh 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 1 2 Version History 2 3 Gesture Definition 3 4 Function Specification 4 5 Mockup 5 6 User Stories 8 7 Start or Off the Air Condition 9 8 Adjust the air condition temperature 10 9 Open the cover to setup other functions 11 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  3. 3. Version History Version Date Author Comments 1.0 2014/07/30 Neo Hsieh Initial version 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  4. 4. Gestures Definition Tap Drag up/down 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  5. 5. Function Specification 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 No. Function 1 Signal LED, On= Running, Flash= Fan 2 LCD, For temperature or timer 3 Air speed (High, Middle, Low) 4 Dehumidify icon 5 Fuzzy Icon 6 Sleep mode 7 Timer 8 Air conditioned icon 9 Ionized air icon 10 Air filter needs to be cleaned icon 11 Power button (On = LED on, Off = LED off) 12 Temperature up and down slide cover 13 Air speed (fuzzy, turbo, strong, low) 14 Oscillate air button 15 Timer button 16 Sleep mode button 17 Filter reset button 18 AC / Dehumidify / Fan switch button 19 Ionized air button 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  6. 6. Mockup Standard mode 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  7. 7. Mockup - Easy to control 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  8. 8. Mockup - Open the cover 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  9. 9. User Stories 1.As a user, I want to easily start the air condition even in dark environments. 2.As a user, I want to easily adjust the temperature even in dark environments. 3.As a user, I need to know the environment temperature after I setup the air condition temperature. 4.As a user, I need to know the information in remote controller. 5.As a user, If I want to setup the timer, air speed, sleep mode or reset air filter warning..., I can see the signal and feedback. 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  10. 10. Start / Off the Air Condition When users want turn on the air condition, tap the power button to start the air condition. Users can turn off the air condition by tapping the power button again. When users turn on the air condition, the power button backlight LED will auto turn on and got beep sound. So users can get the feedback from power button itself. 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  11. 11. Adjust the Air Condition temperature Users can directly drag the cover up or down to adjust air condition temperature up or down. So even in dark environments, users still can adjust temperature quickly and easily. When users drag the cover up or down, they can hear the beep sound from the remote controller. The default temperature setting is 24 degree. 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  12. 12. Open the cover to setup other functions When users need to setup other functions, the first step is open the cover and then users can see the 7 buttons on there. When users press the button, the feedback will be shown there. 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三
  13. 13. About this Design Affordance. My design is according to this basic design theory. The power and temperature adjustment are the most important functions in air condition remote controller. So I need them to be the quite obvious function on the remote controller. In standard mode (covered) the only one button is “Power” key. So any user can turn on/off the air condition in any environment. The slidable cover can adjust temperature by following user’s instincts. 14年7⽉月30⽇日星期三