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Underground Animals


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Looking for some underground animal ideas for a preschool library program for the theme "Dig Into Reading?" Then check out this power point!

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Underground Animals

  1. 1. ANIMALSPRESCHOOLPROGRAM Presented by Amanda Hoover-NEO-RLS
  3. 3. BOOKS
  4. 4. MAGNETIC, ORSMART BOARDSAbove and UnderTalk about the words “above” and“under”Say put your hands above your head putyour fingers under your chin.Discuss how some animals can liveabove the ground and some animals canlive below the ground (some can doboth)Show different animal pictures, somethat only live above ground and somethat can live under the ground. Havechildren place them either above theground or under the ground.
  5. 5. PLAYSAnimals UndergroundBy Lucia Kemp HenryHere is the mole that lives underground.Close eyes and put hands under your chin.Here are the ants in their underground town.Use fingers to scurry on the back of the other hand.Here is a mouse in her warm little den.Wrap arms around torso.Here are the worms and there are ten.Hold up hands and wiggle ten fingers.Here is the turtle where he likes to hide.Make a fist (turtle’s shell) and wiggle thumb (turtle’s head).Here are the toads sitting side by side.Place two closed fists side by side.All of these creatures live underground.Point to the ground.Look very closely or they’ll never be found!Make binoculars with hands and place them in front of your eyesFrom Nature Boxes for Early Childhood Educators, Debbi Williams, Story County Conservation Board
  6. 6. SONGS &VIDEOSThe Ants Go Marching a YouTube Video: Burrow from Wildearth: Interactive Resource:
  7. 7. GAMESThrough the Tunnel!Use a cardboard box or cover a sheetover chairs.Pick an underground animalHave children move through the tunnelas that animal would (ex: wiggle like aworm, hop like a bunny, crawl like aspider, dig like a mole)
  8. 8. SGround Hog Pop-UpMaterials:Paper CupPopsicle stickAnimal printoutScissorsGlueHow to make it:-Have an adult slit a hole in the bottom of apaper cup-Color the ground hog picture and cut out-Glue the picture onto the top of the popsiclestick-insert the bottom of the stick into the slot ofthe cup.-Move the stick up and down the show howthe animal would come in and out of the hole
  9. 9. CRAFTS… Underground Animal Mobile Materials: Plastic Cut Lid String or Ribbon Animal Pictures How to Make: -Have an adult cut a circle inside the lid leaving only the rim -Color and cut out various underground animal pictures -Attach the ribbon to the lid and animal pictures -Send the animals down and up through the “hole.” Underground Animal Pictures:
  10. 10. S See our Make and Take Snack Idea for Animals Underground! Other snack ideas: Ants on a log Ants in the Sand Celery, Cream Cheese Crushed Graham Crackers and Raisins and Chocolate Sprinklers