1. vatgia presentation 2011


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1. vatgia presentation 2011

  1. 1. Chiến lược phát triển củaVNP và khả năng hợp tác
  2. 2. Asean Internet user
  3. 3. Asean E-commerce
  4. 4. Ec market Internet online transaction Take EC company user GDP(B$) /GDP rate Revenue/GDP USA 227 M 14600 7% 7% 0.49% Japan 90 M 5500 4% 6% 0.28% China 400 M 5900 0.88% 3% 0.03%Viet Nam 30 M 102 0.3% 0.8% 0.003% Revenue of Ec company per transaction Ec company in USA 7% Vatgia.com 0.8%Other EC site in VN 0.3%
  5. 5. Ec market’s problem and solution1. Information : Attitude is still not good.=> Education2. Payment : No habits to pay online.=> Provide more Benefit, Education3. Logistic : Not avaiable in countryside=> Wait Government 
  6. 6. USA, Japan China, Vietnam• Info: Catalog, radio, TV, Pc, Mobile• Payment: Credit Card, payment gateway,• Logistic: High Way, Train way, Air way, Sea way Department, Super Center, Hyper market Convenience Store, Warehouse,
  7. 7. VNP’s introduction Vietnam Price Joint Stock Company : Established August 2006 Vatgia.com : launched 07/15/2007 Tin247.com – launched 11/2009 572 employees (as of 1.9.2011); Hanoi headquarter; HCMC branch office Funded by IDG Vietnam (Series A), CyberAgent (Series B), Mitsui (Series C) Ranked 10th in Alexa Vietnam’s website ranking system Ranked 5th in Vietnamese Website Vietnam’s number one website in e-commerce in terms of traffic (1M visits/ day) and 15M$ per month transaction volume (40% market share) Info Info money money Product Product 7
  8. 8. Vatgia.com’s Business Model Purchase – transaction fee Touch colletion Pay per click Enter – Shop rental LookBanner ad 8
  9. 9. Baokim.vn’s business model Become bank Payment for online, and offline Expand to other siteOnly onvatgia.com 9
  10. 10. Nhanh.vn’s business model Become retail Build online and warehouse offline company for shop Provide delivery serviceSell forShop 10
  11. 11. Strategy until 2020 year2007- 2010 2011-2014 2015 –2020Vatgia.com Payment, email, point, Provide warehouseShopping mall affiliate, SEO tool develop Delivery servicemember, for servicing supplier and Entry to retailcapitalcreating retail testing Develop groupon, hotel, Sell contentsIDG, CAI realstate business model to online build economy zoneMitsui Overseas Investment IPO to collect more money
  12. 12. Corporate with VNP• Now we need below system to implement strategy1. Messenger system ( Like YM, Skype)2. Point of sale (POS) system3. Social enterprise management system (like Salesforce)4. Social networking service (SNS) system5. Cloud Computing Network System• 3 way to corporate1. Recruit people to build support system, share revenue2. Invest to company that have support system3. Outsource to build support system and share revenue
  13. 13. Core Value1. Never satisfied with myself.2. Respect for individuals, educate people, let them inheritance to develop.3. In the company only has a unique boss, it is the customer.4. Put yourself in the position of others, and try your best to exceeded their expectations.