Singapore | 1314 | Legacy Evening Awards


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Singapore | 1314 | Legacy Evening Awards

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Singapore | 1314 | Legacy Evening Awards

  1. 1. Legacy:Reward&Recognition|27Jun2014 An evening of celebration and showcase of our successes!
  2. 2. Purpose The awards should showcase and celebrate the success of all LCs in the following areas - ! Outstanding Performance & Growth in MoS! Leadership Development & Contribution! Innovation towards Excellence & Impact!
  3. 3. BehavioursDriven Owning Our Promise! Growth Mindset! Customer Centricity! Sustainable!
  4. 4. AwardCategories LC Excellence Award! Programme Impact Awards! National Leader Award!
  5. 5. LCExcellenceAward LC Excellence Award! “Celebrating the best performing LC which has created significant impact on delivering AIESEC’s promise of developing youths through high- quality leadership experiences”! ! •  Overall Relative and Absolute Growth! •  Overall Achievement of Goal vs Actual! •  Leadership Development! •  National Contribution!
  6. 6. ProgrammeImpactAwards Programme Impact Awards! “Celebrating LC which has created significant impact and breakthrough through innovation as well as quality delivery of the 4 programmes”! ! GCDPo, GIPo, GCDPi and GIPi! •  Programme Relative and Absolute Growth! •  Overall Achievement of Goal vs Actual! •  Leadership Development! •  New Initiatives contributing to Strategies!
  7. 7. NationalLeaderAward National Leader Award! “Recognizing individuals in AIESEC Singapore that have significantly contributed to the promise of AIESEC through their outstanding commitment and leadership.”! ! •  Current and/or past TL role! •  Fulfilment of role’s JD and KPIs! •  Local and national committee contribution! !
  8. 8. Appendix
  9. 9. AbsoluteandRelativeGrowth Why?! Growth can be measured two ways, firstly by the physical increase in performance (absolute) and the % growth compared to the previous term (relative)! ! Both relative growth and absolute numbers are important as relative growth shows the scale of the change, and absolute growth showcases the impact of your change.! ! What?! Showcase ELD Programme Performance (Term 12-13 to 13-14)! •  Absolute ! •  Relative!
  10. 10. AchievementofGoalvsActual Why?! Achievement of LC goals set during National Planning (Jul 2013) and Mid-Term Replanning (Dec 2013) goes beyond that just achieving the numbers set. It is also about our commitment towards the promise that we have set. ! ! What?! Programme MoSes ! •  Projected percentage of goal achieved !
  11. 11. LeadershipDevelopment Why?! Leadership development is at the heart of everything that we strive for in AIESEC. Whether it’s through the facilitation of incoming or outgoing exchange programmes. It is about our commitment towards providing quality experiences with the right support to enable such experiences.! ! What?! Leadership Developed! •  No of EB and TL applications! ! Quality of Experiences! •  NPS of MEP & programmes!
  12. 12. NationalContribution Why?! To foster a collaborative spirit across our entities in order to grow Team Singapore ! ! What?! Presence in National events (e.g conferences)! •  % of LC in overall delegation! •  % of LC in national conferences! ! Presence in National initiatives! •  No. of LC members in national taskforces & organization committees! ! *Highlight on key initiatives and the impact it has created!
  13. 13. NewInitiativescontributingtoStrategies Why?! AIESEC 2015 cannot be achieved if we continue to operate as how we would do so year-on-year. A growth mindset where we proactively innovate and seek entrepreneurial solutions will be the foundation of a bigger, better Team Singapore. ! ! What?! New Initiatives should exhibit one or more of the following dimensions –! •  Front-back office collaboration (e.g. YM & OGX, BD & ICX, Financial investment into programmes, etc)! •  Adaptation of Global and/or National strategies (e.g. LEAD for TL, LC Conferences, etc)! *Highlight on key initiatives and the impact it has created!