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First Mondial War

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. La Prima Guerra Mondiale The First Mondial War
  2. 2. 28 luglio 1914 The Great War started one Century ago, on the 28 July 1914.
  3. 3. 28 June 1914 The heir to the throne of the Austro- Hungarian empire Archduke Franz Joseph was killed by a Serbian man
  4. 4. The Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia because he wanted to conquer its territories. France, the United Kingdom and Russia, who were allies of Serbia went to war to defend it. In 1914, at the beginning of the war, Italy remained neutral.
  5. 5. 25 May 1915 In 1915 the Italian government decided to go to war, an ally of France, the UK and Russia, in order to win two major cities, Trento and Trieste and the neighboring territories.
  6. 6. Until 1917 the war was fought in the Italian north-east, along the border with the Austro-Hungarian empire. Here you see a destroyed bridge on an Italian river called Isonzo and some Austrian prisoners.
  7. 7. The war was fought in the trenches, the long ditches where soldiers lived. They were forced to leave their trenches and engage the enemy when they received the order to attack by their superiors.
  8. 8. During the war many new weapons were used.
  9. 9. Bayonets, gas bombs, gas masks..
  10. 10. machine guns…
  11. 11. the first tank…
  12. 12. Submarines…
  13. 13. Planes…
  14. 14. but also bicycles and mules, which were stronger than the horses!
  15. 15. October/November 1917 - Caporetto During the autumn of 1917 the Austrian army invaded Italy by crossing the border to the north-east.
  16. 16. The Italian cities were bombed and refugees, mostly women and children, had to escape from their homes.
  17. 17. The front of the northeast of Italy moved and the fighting happened mainly in areas close to where we live, along a river named Piave and on a hill called Montello.
  18. 18. Many bridges on the river Piave were bombed and destroyed.
  19. 19. The war in Italy ended the 4 November 1918 with the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian soldiers, during the battle of Vittorio Veneto, a city that is close to us.
  20. 20. Throughout our province you can visit many places where the war was fought, there are many monuments, war cemeteries and ossuaries military. This is the ossuary military of Nervesa of Montello where there are the bodies of 9.325 Italian soldiers who died during the battles of 1917.
  21. 21. This is the British cemetery in Giavera of Montello. Here are the bodies of 417 soldiers of the Commonwealth who fought on the Piave River and on the Montello hill. On 417 white headstones there are poignant phrases that families of the soldiers wanted to dedicate them.
  22. 22. The numbers of the First World War: combat soldiers 64.324.000 dead soldiers 8.536.000 wounded soldiers: 21.226.00 prisoners and missing soldiers: 7.746.500