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Boresha Thermogenic, Low-Glycemic, Organic, Fat-Burning Coffee and Tea - 2013 MLMLaunch in Philippines as Online Home Business that targets Obesity, Diabetes, Weight Loss Management

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Your health presentation

  1. 1. means…To Make BetterBoresha brings anOrganic, Toxin FreeHealthy Coffee.Experience the NaturalVitality, Clarity andHealth Benefits of freshbrewed Boresha.
  2. 2. Enjoy Coffee without Stomach SensitivityDestiny by Design During the coffee- roasting process, natural coffee acids form which can lead to heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach. Doctors claim reducing these irritants can allows coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs to enjoy coffee.
  3. 3. STANDARD ROASTINGStandard Commercialroasting putsthe beans on a flatscreen conveyer whichare roasted by blowingflame heated the hotair from below.Another method is toplace the beans in atumbler and then blowthe flame heated hotair through as theytumble.
  4. 4. FLAME ROASTINGBoth methods;however, have atendency to allowthe flame to burnthe beans and tonot cook themevenly and all theway through .Acidic compoundsare still present inthe beans.
  5. 5. So what’s in your Cup?GOOD ROASTING Non Organic Coffee inBoresha only uses Third World Countries arepure, organic, AA Not RegulatedArabica beans handpicked green manythe Even though fromoriginal African soil. chemicals that have been banned, or areCustom roasted in small strictly regulated in the USbatches to they remain or Europe, guaranteesmooth controlled less legal to use in the flavor developed countries.Other Commercialcoffees are usually hot Including many countriesair roasted coffee for that grow with unevenlycooked “acidic” beans. NAME BRANDS.
  6. 6. Coffee & Your Health Brewing is Better for your Health This is the first time that coffee has been shown to be the primary source of antioxidants in the American diet, even surpassing fruits and vegetables. Harvard Women’s Health Watch also found that coffee drinkers may have a lower risk for type 2 diabetes, gallstones, colon cancer and liver damage.
  7. 7. Peel this Apple inHalf and What willHappen in just Brewing is BetterMinutes? for your HealthFree Radicals inthe Air cause theApple to Age & Free radicals areturn Brown. unstable molecules that are producedAdd Lemon Juice when cells burn& the Anti- oxygen for energy.Oxidants delay theAging. If left unchecked, freeAntioxidants radicals causehelp stop the cumulative andFree Radical irreversible damageDeterioration to our cells, bodies and skin.
  8. 8. Now, Americans canfeel good about theirfavorite beverage…coffee. Brewing is Better for your Health Findings over the past five years have shown that coffee consumption confers protection against aging, type II diabetes, Parkinsons disease, gallstones and even some cancers.
  9. 9. Brewing is Better for your HealthIowa Woman’s HealthStudyFound that 60% ofantioxidants in thediet come fromcoffee.Antioxidants protectcells from damageand reduceinflammation.
  10. 10. Brewing is Better for your HealthThe Alliance for AgingResearch, a non-profitsenior citizens group inWashington DC,announced that "a dietrich in antioxidants iseffective in guardingagainst heart disease,cancer, cataracts, andother conditionsassociated with aging."
  11. 11. Coffee a Hearty BrewReduced Risk is Found Brewing is Better for your Health The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study on 27,000 older women, followed for 15 years… The Test Study reported that Cardiovascular Disease risk was reduced by about 30 percent in women with a moderate intake of coffee.
  12. 12. Brewing is Better for your HealthIn tests completed atScience News, scientistsbrewed a strong cup ofcoffee tea, and hotchocolate.Then, they collected bloodfrom healthy volunteersand filtered out the plasmacontaining lipoproteins(LDL) particles.
  13. 13. Scientific Test Studies revealCoffee Protects LDL’s morethan Green Tea. Brewing is Better for your Health Coffee protected the LDLs for 5.0 to 16.0 hours. By contrast, cocoa protected the lipoproteins for 3.5 to 7.5 hours Green tea for 3.0 to 5.5 hours and Herbal tea for 6 minutes to perhaps an hour. The more concentrated the brew or cocoa, the better protection it afforded.
  14. 14. Turn Off: Toxic Endosulfan is anNon Organic Coffee Coffee insecticide used against the coffee cherrie boreWhat’s in Your Cup?Non Organic Products Once on the soil may take years to break down. Studies show that • Exposure effects kidneys • Lowered immune system • Increase in breast cancer • Testicular cancer and • Male organ defects • Observed over the past 50 years.
  15. 15. What’s in Your Cup? Diazinon (brand name Basudin). Used against coffee borer. Highly toxic to wildlife and beneficial insectsAvoid: Toxic CoffeeToxic Pesticides Second largest number of total known incidents of bird mortality of any pesticide in the US. The are four other toxic pesticides we found that are used on non organic coffee
  16. 16. Brewing is Better for your HealthDuring the brewing process,the antioxidants releasedare just as potent as vitaminsC and E.A University of Californiaresearch scientist found theantioxidant level in a cup ofcoffee is the same as inthree oranges.
  17. 17. Brewing is Better for your HealthIowa Woman’s HealthStudyFound that 60% ofantioxidants in the dietcome from coffee.Antioxidants protect cellsfrom damage.
  18. 18. Brewing is Better for your Health• According to the US Dept of Agriculture, The Soil is Depleted of minerals• Planting crops in the same fields year after year strips the soil if it’s nutrients• Thus creating the lack of minerals needed in our fruits and vegetables.
  19. 19. Brewing is Better for your HealthNutrition DeficiencyTo obtain same amountof vitamin C as was onceprovided by one orange,we now would need toeat 8 oranges instead ofone.This leaves us with 8 timesas many carbohydratesand sugars as comparedto original oranges.
  20. 20. FREE RADICAL DAMAGE Brewing is Better for your Health •Adding Exercise does add one problem… •Massive Free Radical Damage •Free Radicals are what turns the apple brown •To prevent it you could add Lemon Juice, an Antioxidant.
  21. 21. Stopping Cellular Brewing is BetterDeterioration for your Health •Antioxidants can be found in Fruits and Vegetables. •When an Antioxidant Molecule bumps into a Free Radical… •It gives it an Electron which Deactivates the Free Radical
  22. 22. Exciting new data clearlyshows that coffee was amajor contributor to totalantioxidant intake“from any other dietarysource.Nothing else comes close,”said Dr. Joe Vinson,speaking before a group ofscience and health writers.
  23. 23. means…To Make BetterBoresha brings anOrganic, Toxin FreeHealthy Coffee.Experience the NaturalVitality, Clarity andHealth Benefits of freshbrewed Boresha.