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Approach - method - technique & procedure

A brief differentiation among these four important concepts of language teaching.

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Approach - method - technique & procedure

  2. 2. APPROACH It is a conjunction of ideas related  It is the level in which a whole to the nature and teaching of a theory and its beliefs are reflected given language. regarding a language and its learning. It is a much wider It refers to theories about the concept than a method and nature of language and language technique. learning.  It is the source of the principles It describes how people acquire and practices of language their knowledge of the language teaching. and makes statements about the conditions which will promote  It describes how a language is succesful language learning. used and how its constituent parts interlock. It offers a model of language competence.
  3. 3. METHOD It is considered the practical  When a method has fixed realization of an approach. procedures, informed by a It is understood as a group of clearly articulated approach, it is procedures, a system that clearly easy to describe. However, if a explains how to teach a language (syllabus organization -contents & method takes procedures and skills to be taught-, roles of teachers techniques from a wide variety and learners, kinds of materials to use). of sources, that is that they are used in other methods or are It is understood as a group of mentioned by other beliefs, it procedures, a system that clearly explains how to teach a language will be very hard to continue (contents and skills to be taught) describing it as a method. How should it be categorized then? The method is based on a specific approach. The approach is axiomatic whereas the method is procedural.
  4. 4. TECHNIQUE It’s each specific strategy that  These techniques must be we use in the classroom. coherent with the method, and therefore, they must be in harmony with the approach. It is a tool that is used to obtain an immediate result.  Some techniques can be found in different methods whereas It’s what really happens in the other ones are specific to a given classroom, in the actual method. teaching.
  5. 5. PROCEDURE It is an ordered sequence of  It can be understood as a techniques. set of actions, operations and strategies which have to be executed accordingly A procedure can be to a perception on how to described in terms such as obtain a expected result, in First you do this, then you our case on how to do that… It’s a lot smaller increase competition in a than a method, but it’s a foreign language. sequence of techniques.
  6. 6. Let’s think about this… If we mention the following concepts, can we clearly determine if we’re talking about an approach, a method, a technique or a procedure? PPP // Suggestopedia // Role-plays // CLT // TPR // Grammar translation // Silent viewing // Task-based learning // The Silent Way // Audiolingualism // Dictation // Community language learning // Lexical approach //

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A brief differentiation among these four important concepts of language teaching.


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