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Mobile social games market opportunities


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Here is a brief introduction to social games. I tried to put simply the differences between the online (PC) social games today vis-a-vis the mobile social games. I also describe the market growth potential in social games - a large part we see in mobile social games and also the huge growth in Asia. Also, I am trying to put a framework together on the market players in mobile and online social games. Feel free to help comment on what I could do better in this deck, which is pretty much work in progress as we speak.

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Mobile social games market opportunities

  1. 1. MOBILE SOCIAL GAMESMARKET OPPORTUNITIESNelson WeeDirector, Business Development, Apps & ContentSingTel Multimedia GroupProfile: @nelsonwee
  2. 2. The Social Games market is HUGE! • Worldwide social gaming market are set to grow from ~USD 6 billion in 2012 to ~8.6 billion in 2014 • non-facebook games revenue out-strip facebook games revenues by more than 50% • 40% of worldwide social gaming revenues will come from Asia • Asians are more status conscious, and will purchase more avatars or in-game items to better represent themselves. • Zynga made US $300M in a quarter in 2011 via PC online social games and Gree made US $400M in the same quarter.Source: Lit search (Gartner, Venturebeat,, Techcrunch) Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee
  3. 3. What are (Mobile) Social Games, really? Mobile Social Games (via gaming social networks)Play viaMobilePlay viaPC Online Social Games (e.g. via Facebook) Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee
  4. 4. (Mobile) Social Games Market Players Mobile PC Non-Facebook Facebook Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee
  5. 5. A Gamer for Every Game Play via Mobile Play via Online Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee
  6. 6. Multimedia GroupNelson Weel: @nelsonwee