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X mas 2010


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X mas 2010

  1. 1. White Christmas <br />Dear Family and Friends:  Dancing snowflakes gently turn into comfort blankets, warmly embracing our senses as we awaken to Christmas dreams.  Angelical four-year old Bellita playfully leads me to life’s unblemished realities and to the Chritmas Spirit arriving with the snow.Hidden in the bottom of a nearby forest is my granddaughter’s “secret tree“ and I’ve been entrusted to replenish its fruits.  As we first ventured into the forest, her pockets were filled with precious goods. Once there, Bellita asked me to string-up the golden threads and attach treats at the ends! The carrots should hang just above the ground, she cautioned me, otherwise the bunnies can not reach them’ oh, the bread slices need to be fixed to the top branches where the birds can easily spot them and the nutshells need to be cracked because they are too hard for the little ones! Lastly, we both garnished the „Bambie's dull green menu“ in the middle of the tree by adding tangerine wedges, diced apples, other colorful fruits and much coveted nuts.  Magic can not be 100% explained, thus the tree photo is supposed to only give a hint!  The other images are fairy-tale introductions to wish each of you the beauty of a white Christmas and a peaceful and inspiring holiday season. Nelson <br />