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Argumentation claims (1)


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Argumentation claims (1)

  1. 1. Argumentation
  2. 2. CLAIM States your position on an issue.
  3. 3. Good claims are… Engaging Specific Logical
  4. 4. Claim Examples Though they seem mere entertainment, Hollywood movies are actually responsible for reinforcing cultural stereotypes in America.
  5. 5. EVIDENCE Support for your claim
  6. 6. Evidence can include…Facts and statisticsExpert opinionPrimary researchPersonal anecdote
  7. 7. Evidence example… Last year the State of Minnesota spent $$$ million dollars promoting their state-run lottery through ads focusing on the contributions made to environmental funds (Cary). Churches have used raffles, bingo nights, and even card tournaments as fundraisers for years.
  8. 8. WARRANT Interprets the data and shows how it supports the claim. It is usually a generally accepted rule.
  9. 9. A Good Warrant … will be a reasonable interpretation and analysis of the facts. will not make illogical interpretive leaps. will not assume more than the evidence supports. may consider and respond to possible counter-arguments.
  10. 10. An Example of a Warrant … Citizens look at the amount of time and effort devoted to promoting gambling- related activities by their government and churches and assume that this is a legitimate and even risk-free activity with little social stigma attached. If the state and church rely on these funds to survive, gambling may even be regarded as a social service: the more money they lose, the more they’re helping others.
  11. 11. Remarks from the President in State ofthe Union AddressWe gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected around the world. For the first time in nine years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq. For the first time in two decades, Osama Bin Laden is not a threat to this country. Most of al Qaeda’s top lieutenants have been defeated. The Taliban’s momentum has been broken, and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home.