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Productivitiy Ideas For Dk 2011


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Ideas for increased productivity in DK. Ideer til hvordan produktiviteten kan øges i DK.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Productivitiy Ideas For Dk 2011

  1. 1. Contherapy 1/5
  2. 2. Contherapy Coolness is about being something by only exposing the superficial and cool elements of your competencies and personality. The reason is the work cultures demand of control of emotions one side and Pathologizing strong emotions on the other side. Only coolness is rewarded.  Allow emotional expressions they enables authenticity.  Interact with the emotions by using empathic conjecture and pre- sensing. “ “ 2/5
  3. 3. Contherapy Prioritization is the corner stone in handling the constant corporate imbalance between Demands(D), Resources(R) and Perception(P). D R P Understanding and acting on the individuals flow(F) is a crucial relational task between manager and employee. It is a movement/run that demands constant attention and action. It is this movement that characterize the flexible and thereby durable business. F 3/5
  4. 4. Contherapy Organizational structures falls behind the reality of the business. Organizational charts are either rooted in historical circumstances or qualified guesses about the future. They have a tendency to hinder the dynamics in regards to achieving objectives and free flow of beneficial innovation.  Shift focus away from structures to connectivity. Who needs to be connected in order to achieve.  Only focus on structures as steady spaces that provides relaxation and reflections after high performance.  In this way the manager in the steady-space becomes responsible for the cognitive capital and the employee is the back packer who posses the ability of positioning and deploying his habitus for the benefit of the business in the moment and place of need. 4/5
  5. 5. Contherapy Feel free to comment and/or develop further. Inspired by own experience and the following thinkers and scientists:  Stephen R. Covey: The 7 Habits of highly effective people  C. Otto Scharmer: U-theory  Leslie Greenberg: Emotions focused theory  Charlotte Bloch: Flow & Stress  Peter N. Stearns: American Cool: Constructing a twentieth century emotional style. 5/5 Nels Klint Karsvang